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Frequency of LOVE - CD

Frequency of LOVE - CD
Frequency of LOVE - CD
Frequency of LOVE - CD
Frequency of LOVE - CD
Frequency of LOVE - CD
Frequency of LOVE - CD
Frequency of LOVE - CD
Frequency of LOVE - CD

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Frequency of LOVE - CD

Model Number: Love-CD
Raise the vibrations of your home, your mind, body, heart and soul.
Everything is healed by the frequency of love. Also really good for manifesting.
Original score was composed based on the sound vibrations of the words “I love you” spoken by 30+ people in 18 different languages.
Frequency of Love consciously created music promotes tenderness, loving-kindness, gratitude, relaxation, healing and well-being.
Frequency of Love includes a sustained pedal tone of A (water element), 440Hz.
Mantra is Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhi.

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Manufacturer: Harmonic Egg, LLC
  • Description

Consciously Created Music!

Frequency of Love CD – There is just one 40 minute track on this CD, it is also available on a USB…LOVE HEALS ALL…it deserved its own CD / USB. Use this music to help clear/cleanse the energy of your home, work/office building, specific pieces of land/property, assisting the community. Raise the vibrations of your home, your mind, body, heart, and soul. Everything is healed by the frequency of love. Also, very good for manifesting. People from around the world recorded this expression of LOVE while they were meditating on and in dedication to a beloved being or place. More than 30 people speaking in 18 different languages were included in the pre-production research, and in the recordings and transcription into musical notes. The languages used in the recordings were Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Italian, Farsi, Finnish, Hebrew, Burmese, Mongolian, and Armenian. The final score includes the musical notes from the English, French, Korean, Thai, Farsi, and Armenian recordings. There are no voices or voice recordings on this album, but the sound frequencies of the words “I Love You” in all the beautiful languages.

1 Track on this CD!

* Frequency of Love 

Music composed by: Yuval Ron and Co-created with Gail Lynn and Dr. Richard Gold.

Color Intentions: Pink and Yellow. Could also use Turquoise or Green.

Fact: This track includes Whale and Dolphin calls recorded in Pacific Ocean.            

Did you know: Frequency of Love includes a sustained pedal tone of A (water element), 440Hz

From the work of Ani Williams: The Tone of A helps replenish Iron and Manganese as its atomic weight correlates to the A tone. The A tone works with Eyes, Ears, Pituitary Gland, Endocrine system, joints and helps the body utilize minerals. The A tone helps with people who lack motivation, have trust issues and have a creative block.

Mantra: Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhi

Fun fact from Yuval: “Our harp and string ensemble for Frequency of Love are placed in the sacred space of famed Chartes Cathedral in France, and so you are hearing it as if you would have heard this music performed live at Chartes Cathedral while you are seating in the first row!”

Why don’t we have all the songs on CD? – The .wav files are so large that only one song will fit on a CD. So watch your storage capacity if you plan to download the USB music onto your computer.

Where can you use this consciously created Harmonic Egg, LLC music and for what reasons? This is healing music for stress, dis-ease (unease), chakra balancing, pets, children, clearing your home, land, food, plants, your garden and much MORE! Take this music everywhere you go...in the car (be careful if you listen while driving since it is calming / meditation music), on your phone, in your home, at your office, at the fitness center, etc. Each piece of consciously created music focuses on combining the perfect instruments and tones to affect the body's natural ability to heal...learn the benefits of each piece with the printable PDF of song notes on each USB. Clients use this music to anchor in their session before their next appointment. Clients use this music at home while doing remote sessions for themselves, their family or pets – even if it is not the same music they have for their session. Professionals and business owners can play this music in their lobbies. Practitioners can play this music in their lobbies and offices...massage therapists, reiki, acupuncturists, doctors, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, nursing homes, assisted living centers, group homes, youth centers, healers of all kinds or anyone that helps support the betterment of humanity.

  • Did you know! It is highly recommended to save the USB music files to your computer with something such as Google Drive, and then the music can be accessed from your smart phone or similar technology and played from different devices. The process may be different for Android vs Apple users. Most importantly, initially saving the USB music files on your computer ensures that you never lose the music in case you ever encounter any issues with the USB(s). Harmonic Egg, LLC does not offer tech support as each device can be vastly different.
  • Please note: Not all technologies support USB usage. You may find some versions of Harmonic Egg, LLC music being sold on Amazon as MP3 files, these files are not sold by Harmonic Egg, LLC, they are not the quality we sell direct from our website. We only encourage listening to healing music with .wav or uncompressed files, not MP3 files. 

*** CANADIAN SHOPPERS! PLEASE VISIT https://www.harmoniceggcanada.com/shop FOR LOWER SHIPPING RATES! ***


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What People are Saying

“I really enjoyed your book. The “read” flowed effortlessly and I loved how I could feel your energy and hear your voice in each sentence. I finished it in 2 days, which is UNHEARD of for me. I didn’t fall asleep reading once!”

Jane Fisher

“Wow… just wow Gail!! First of all, I am so in awe of your intelligence. All of the experiences that you’ve been through and the knowledge that you gained from it all. I just love how it all came down to healing for yourself and others. This was a great read! I enjoyed every bit of it. I have wanted to understand the “Harmonic Egg®” better because of my experience in my sessions. I experienced such joy during and after my sessions. I came away with more clarity but also a lot of questions. I am now just plain inspired and really want to have a health center of my own. Thank you for staying the course and doing all the work and bringing this amazing technology to the world. I am grateful for your brilliance and for all the people that have been helped by you! I can’t wait to see what else you learn and discover.”

Nancy Vickery

“Long before antibiotics and other prescription drugs became the norm, there were amazing healing modalities used in olden times. In her new book, “Unlocking The Ancient Secrets To Healing”, Gail Lynn gives an overview of what these are. A gifted healer in her own right, Gail details her journey from dysfunction and disease to restoration and vibrancy. After many turns in the road, her brilliant mind and intuitive insights led her to create the “Harmonic Egg® Chamber” which uses science, frequency, sound, light and vibration to change our cells and our emotions.This Spirit-led invitation is not accidental — it’s an opportunity to explore your possibilities for repairing and renewing at a deep energetic level. This book is a compelling read — a game-changer. Accept it, pursue it, be transformed by it!”

Jean Allord

“I am having a hard time putting your book down. I want it to last. I am very impressed. I did not know you had went through all those life experiences. Learning about the egg now.”

Sandy Drews

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