Harmonic Egg Energy Therapy Device

Protocol for Clients and Pets

Remote / Virtual Harmonic Egg sessions…I believe there is more power to being physically in the Harmonic Egg, but in a pinch or when you can’t access the Egg this is very powerful healing.

What we need from you after making your appointment for a Remote / Virtual Harmonic Egg session:

  • A photo of you. Should include the waist up.
  • Your birth date and full birth name.
  • A short phone call, or an email from you to find out what you want to focus on for your session.
  • Your commitment to follow guidelines and protocol to get the most of your remote / virtual session. See more below AFTER YOUR SESSION.
  • You can call or schedule online.  There is an option for a distance healing room – http://www.lifecenter.us.  There is a SCHEDULE NOW button at the top of the website header.  Or call 303-630-9218 if you have questions.

What we do for your session:

  • We hold the space for your intention / healing, based on our phone call/your email. We put your photo and information into the Egg during your scheduled appointment time.
  • YOU commit to being in a safe, quiet place during that time to lie or sit for 50 minutes holding the space for your own healing and intention that was set. You may also color, paint, garden or something you enjoy to be clear in your mind.
  • We follow up with you the following day to see if you have any questions. You are welcome to contact us to share any feedback about your session or ask questions prior to our follow up call / email.

What you can do outside of your Harmonic Egg sessions (this includes those that enter physically as well as remotely):

  • You can purchase Harmonic Egg music to help anchor in sessions. The music is very peaceful, calming, meditative and can be played for pets as well.  Children also are mediating with parents to this music.
  • We have electrolytes available for purchase as well. Electrolytes are a key supplement for the integration of sessions.  Healing sessions help the body detox emotionally, environmentally and more.   Electrolytes support the detoxing process; therefore, they are depleted when the body is healing and need to be replenished.
  • Purchase a copy of Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing to read more about sound and light therapies. The book also includes testimonials and interviews from doctors and musicians.   Plus, things you can do at home to work with color and sound.

Healing / Mediation Music and Gail’s book (Unlocking the Ancients Secrets to Healing) can be bought online here: https://www.harmonicegg.com/store.

For Pets:

  • We hold the space for your intention / healing for your pet, based on our phone call with you, while we put their photo and information into the Egg during your scheduled appointment time.
  • YOU commit to being with them in a safe, quiet place during that time to lie or sit for 50 minutes holding the space for their healing and intention that was set.
  • We follow up with you the following day to see if you have any questions. You are welcome to contact us to share any feedback about the session or ask questions prior to our follow up call.


  • Drink plenty of water to flush and help with detoxing and resetting the body.  People that have not done this have not integrated as well as others.
  • Be gentle with yourself for at least 48 hours. The best you can.
  • Eat a good diet for a few days…lighter portions and more fruits and veggies…avoid heavy meals and cream sauces, fried foods and too much refined sugar.
  • If you purchased the music, listen to one track per day and follow the same steps you did for your remote / virtual session.


  • Suggested to do distance healing / remote sessions every 4-7 days.  If you are under a lot of stress, or have a chronic conditions the sessions will not hold as long we recommended every 4-5 days to do a session.
  • If you are trying to increase your well-being from your current level of wellness we recommend sessions every 5-7 days.
  • If you are doing maintenance for your current level of wellness we recommend once a month.


“I found my breathing improved… like a cotton ball had been removed. And I felt much lighter in spirit and noticed different thought patterns leading to more of an open perspective. Maybe more like neutral and less judgement in my thoughts. Today I meditated. I can’t even tell you the last time I meditated. It was awesome…beautiful and it was a shift for me.

Major fear shift in relation to all the crap going on during a transformation (This is one for the books 🤓). Anyhoo.. all in all I would declare this a successful session!”  ~DM

“After many nights of not sleeping, I slept GREAT!”  ~SM

“As soon as the session started, I felt all vibrating and tingly. Madison (the pup) adjusted herself so I know she felt it too. We had a couple hours of increased energy following, gardened a little, then we succumbed to down time on the sofa. It was great Gail. I felt the healing move deeper and deeper, had a huge release in my hips that went way down through my feet and toes. Feeling very relaxed and mellow today. Slept in which is rare. TY so much! Will book another session soon. 🙏” ~DL

“I got the shivers 6 times and was not even cold, I saw a woman’s face and she was smiling, my toe cramped up and today, after weeks of having a sore throat, my throat is not bothering me at all.”  ~GK

“I had stomach pains, then filled up the toilet! Like my body was trying to purge some stuff. I find myself not craving bad foods for candida, like bread, and my general state, very calm. The day of the healing, I was emotionally sensitive and had a good cry.” ~CD

“I think the results were successful.  I felt as if someone had given me a sleeping pill after the session.  I was incredibly relaxed – in fact, sleepy.   I’ve been very relaxed since then, as well.” ~CC

“This healing “event” really shifted my energy & focus to wellness. I had a feeling that no matter what happens, I AM SAFE & cared about….and that I will be fine.” ~ZM

“I woke up this morning feeling really good.  Still not hungry but no pain and nausea.  I have no cravings. I have just an overall sense of well being.”  ~MS

See 2 clients that recovered from COVID-19 – https://harmonicegg.com/covid-19-harmonic-egg-and-distance-healing-oh-my/

Additional Information about remote healing and intention from Prof. Dominique Surel (PhD). Noetic scholar with background in Controlled Remote Viewing, Radiesthesia, and Alchemy. Specializes in the development of Intuitive Intelligence.

When sending an intention, we are working in the quantum, or nonlocal realm. This is the realm of alchemy and radiesthesia. The principles of these ancient sciences are mostly unknown or misunderstood by the modern world. The basic premise is that we use our unconscious mind to connect into the nonlocal realm. To clarify definitions: the conscious mind refers to our intelligence, and where analysis, assessment, etc. takes place. The subconscious mind is where hidden emotions, programs, etc. are stored. The unconscious mind is the key, and portal, into the nonlocal realm.

Our education system and cultural values usually do not train us on how to use the unconscious mind. On the contrary, we are mostly told to ignore it. When we do identify it, because of lack of knowledge, we assume it works like the conscious mind. It does not, for two reasons: 1) it works in another realm and 2) its function is to do something totally different than the conscious mind.

Let’s get back to the issue of sending an intention. Here is a proven protocol to follow:

1) Create your intention. It must be brief and very clear. To the point. Example: I want to heal my liver.

2) When sending the intention you must be totally present and not in any type of meditative or altered state. The more awake and present you are, the more powerful the intention.

3) To send it: State it three times in a row, without emotion and especially without any expectation. Emotions and expectations will only hinder its trajectory. Without getting into the complexity of how things work in the nonlocal realm, suffice it to say that the more neutral we are, the more faith we exude in the execution.

4) When you finish stating your intention three times, immediately stop thinking about it and engage in some sort of activity. Why? Because any thought process, analysis, or wanting to empower it more, will come from your conscious mind that has no power in the nonlocal realm. Any addition you provide to this protocol will be coming from your ego who thinks it knows how to improve the protocol. Our conscious mind is always trying to improve things.  The ego will try to interfere in any process or protocol that it did not create itself.  Engaging in an activity, with a process to follow such as washing a car, coloring, painting, playing music, gardening, reading, watching tv, etc… will ensure that the conscious mind is busy with that activity, and will not interfere with the trajectory of the intention. Although watching TV is not a process it occupies the conscious mind by having to pay attention and follow the story.

It is true that many secrets from ancient sciences are actually very simple and obvious concepts. This is one of them. You have probably also heard that working within the nonlocal realm demands humility. Humility is a huge component. Why? Because you have to ignore the ego, and the conscious mind that thinks it knows better. It will want to add a step, or believe that being in a meditative state is much better. If you give in to this, the protocol will be polluted and the intention will be significantly weakened. There are, of course, other protocols that you can use, but never mix or change directives of different protocols. Choose one and stick to it. Each one is proven to work as is and should be followed exactly the way it meant to be used for it to be effective and powerful.

The information above is from alchemical and radiesthesia knowledge as well as scientific research that was conducted by the US military to develop the powerful Controlled Remote Viewing protocol.

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