Join Gail Lynn as she broaches these typically un-talked-about topics on “Don’t Do Stupid SH*T to Your Body.” – a show that takes a commonsense approach to having discernment with healers, energy modalities, and natural health products. Gail and her guests will explore how the body heals. And how and why more natural healing can be safer if used properly. Let us look at ourselves to find out why we do stupid shit, where we get misleading information from biased resources, and why we fall prey to stupid and inaccurate marketing pitches.

Gail will be talking with doctors, healers, scientific and research experts, nutritionists, and other guests that explain how and why we do stupid things to our bodies. They will discuss true stories of people harming themselves and their bodies just because they didn’t know any better.

Don’t Do Stupid SH*T to Your Body is funny, honest, and unapologetic. There’s no judgment, just education. It is an opportunity for us to laugh at ourselves while we learn to do better and act better for our bodies and our health.


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