If you have taken an interest in a natural approach to self-healing & discovery, this is a book that needs to join your reading library!

Discover how you can use sound, light, and color therapy at home to help you on your healing journey. Discover the benefits of different instruments, colors, and foods and how you can empower yourself to move from a place of struggling and being stuck in chronic illness, pain, doubt and depression to a place of being empowered, having knowledge and taking the reins on your healing journey and road to inner peace.
Be inspired by Gail’s personal life journey that she took to get to the place of creating the Harmonic Egg. Enjoy testimonials from doctors, musicians, and clients that have experienced the life-changing experience of the Harmonic Egg. Find out what other books Gail Lynn recommends to further expand your education on your path of self-healing.
Take your health back into your own hands.

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