Are the Solfeggio frequencies used in the Harmonic Egg? The Harmonic Egg does not use Solfeggio because the egg itself vibrates at a higher frequency level (900/1200 Hz). We don’t want to take the vibration down with the Solfeggio frequencies. For example, it is possible that people who come to us already vibrate at a very high frequency. In that case, we don’t want to put them at 369 HZ or at 528 HZ. Instead, we focus on the instruments.

Moreover, there is no one size fits all. That is why we focus on the instruments and the wave forms of these instruments. For example, the flute is very helpful for the liver, among other things. Drums that are very helpful for the immune system and physical issues because drumming brings the physical body back into balance, as well as the digeridoo. The piano has a similar wave shape to a heartbeat and, as such, balances the autonomic nervous system. Each instrument has a certain effect on specific organs, systems and functions in the body that we can use to activate the self-healing ability.

Also important: most people listen to Solfeggio on an mp3 file. While you may think you are listening to those frequencies, in reality you are not because what you are listening to are frequencies that are compressed. Moreover, you need high-quality speakers to experience the effect.

For all these reasons we focus on the instruments and the cubic air space of the resonant chamber of the egg. The sound cannot be scattered or wasted in the ether because it is contained in the cubic airspace of the egg, which is built in the sacred geometry of the golden ratio. This makes it a completely different listening experience than you’ve ever had. And it is completely different from listening to an MP3 through headphones or computer speakers.


Beyond the Matrix with Patricia Cori: Patricia and Gail get Galactic!

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