Ever thought about being an Egg Guardian? Here’s what one of our ‘family’ members had to say:

“One night I couldn’t sleep. I began thinking about all the energy modalities that are popping up now and how the Harmonic Egg differs from these.

First, ALL of the Egg guardians have such a personal relationship with their Eggs and LOVE them!

Second, we offer a sacred container, critical for ceremonial healing to occur. We have so many that help us along this journey: Ascended Masters, archangels, ancestors, spirit guides, spirit animals, intergalactic beings, etc. All have been seen within the Egg portal. We create a sacred space for transformative healing to take place.

Third, the intention from every single soul that’s involved in the Egg’s creation makes us unique. Gail, the manufacturers, the musicians, the guardians…each one of us holds space for the people who come into our centers.

What I have witnessed taking place in the Egg is similar to what I have witnessed in plant medicine ceremonies. All of these things…the sacred container, the space, the intention…really do set us apart from any other energy modality out there. Will people get benefit from being hooked up to a Rocha machine? Probably. But nothing can compare to a session in the Egg.

Gail, her integrity, and her continued vision of the Harmonic Egg…coupled with the energy of gratitude and unconditional love for that which we all have created…set the stage for healing that is truly transformative. No “med bed”, machine, or any other energy center can even come close to creating what the Harmonic Egg provides. That’s what sets us apart.

I am so grateful to be part of this family, and I love helping people find their journey back home.”


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