What is energy medicine?

This quote is a succinct definition: “Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs. Energy Medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche.” – David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Data suggests that energy therapy balances the Autonomic Nervous System, detoxes the body, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and clears trauma at a cellular level.

The resonant frequency used by the Harmonic Egg® has an ability to detect the vibration of your body and any imbalance. That imbalance is harmonized with the exact opposite frequency.


What makes the Harmonic Egg® a more effective method of delivering energy therapy or energy medicine than other systems?

  • The Harmonic Egg® is designed as a sacred geometric chamber that uses sound and light therapy with a resonant frequency to move and/or re-route blocked energy.
  • It is made of natural wood to enhance the resonance within the chamber.
  • There is no guess work for the technician, and the emotional and physical state of the technician does not affect outcomes.
  • The Harmonic Egg® is not software-driven and does not incorporate bluetooth or wireless technologies. The Harmonic Egg® is completely natural and safe.

What could a client expect from sessions in the Harmonic Egg®?

Clients might see improvement with a single session in the Harmonic Egg®, but more frequently 3-10 sessions are necessary depending upon the client’s goals.

Our clients say they experience healing on many levels—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Clients often find it is a consciousness-raising experience that increases creative thought and helps them heal from past traumas and limiting thoughts.

Often times there are odors released from the body, indicating an environmental detox.

Can you explain the importance of the music used in the Harmonic Egg®?

Music has long been known to have therapeutic properties. The Bible says that when King Saul was mentally tormented, the harp music that the young David played for him was the only thing that soothed his soul. Some of the music used in the Harmonic Egg® was created and produced exclusively for use in this device. Many researchers, including Kay Gardner, author of The Inner Landscape, have identified the following:

  • Piano may be used to bring the nervous system into balance.
  • Drumming may build the immune system and is highly effective for Parkinson’s, MS, etc.
  • Flute may be used for anger issues, gout, sciatica, insomnia
  • Bells may bring the heart chakra into balance. Bells may also be used for high blood pressure, asthma, apnea, heart and lung problems, breast cancer, allergies, fear of intimacy, low vital energy, adrenal fatigue.
  • Harp may be used for depression.
  • Violin may be used for tumors, etc.
  • Nature sounds may work on the DNA.

To learn more about Gail’s story and for additional details on the inner workings of the Harmonic Egg®, read Gail’s book “Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing.”




What do you find is the key to developing a successful business with the Harmonic Egg®?

As with any business, good customer service is imminently important. We recommend:

  • Develop strong relationships with clients. Treat them like family.
  • Clients are an important part of your marketing (word of mouth).
  • Give a lot for the experience. For example, be ready to share a variety of resource materials, so clients can do their own research into energy therapies.
  • Set boundaries. Don’t allow yourself to become burned out.
  • Don’t make it about the money. Focus on providing the best possible service and the money will come.
  • Make the sessions affordable to help as many people as possible.

How do you price your services to clients?

Each center is independently owned and operated, not a franchise, and can set their own prices. We encourage all center owners to have a base and not undercut or cheapen the pricing just to get clients coming from other center owner locations.

We suggest selling single sessions as well as packages and annual memberships. That way, pricing per session is more affordable for those who commit to more frequent visits.

What is the difference or similarity between the Harmonic Egg® and a flotation tank?

There is a slight similarity in that they are both enclosed or immersive experiences, but that’s it.

The float tanks use water and are not cleaned after each client.  They are filtered and they do contain a large amount of salt; however, they are not cleaned of the VIBRATION of the toxins in the water.  We know from Dr. Emoto’s work with water that water HOLDS vibrations of toxins.  For example, if you filter out the heavy metals the water still holds the vibration of the metals in the water.  To clean the vibration of the toxins in the water after each client would take a special process and I am not aware that is being done by the owners of the float tanks.

The Harmonic Egg® is made of wood and does not hold energy or energetic information, like water.  The geometric shape of the egg gives it the ability to energetically “self-clean”.  There are no 90-degree angles where energy can collect.  There is a lot of information from Victor Schauberger about the special properties of the egg shape, and vibration. The egg is the most powerful shape in the Universe.


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