Warning: The F word is used in this podcast, but it’s great information and an engaging interview.


Ascension Tech –  Birthing the Harmonic Egg

Gail is my boo… since the first session in her light box in 2014, I recognized this technology to be an ascension chamber. These were the modalities the galactic were talking about and I was lucky enough to have one here in Colorado!

I could have spent an hour just geeking out on the Harmonic Egg, but we had so much more to cover. From remembering her past lives to bring through a new Atlantean technology, Gail has committed to doing her part to facilitate wellness and optimal healing.

She has worked tirelessly to bridge medical and woo woo to validate the veracity of healing using light, color, and sound.

We explore why the liver is in such need of our love and 4 things you can do to support it. I had to ask about Tesla tech and how it influenced the design and of course we go way starry about the galactic beings who have been guardians since the beginning.

Yeah, it’s a lot and I hope you have as much fun as we did.

Resources mentioned inside:

– Harmonic Egg

– Gail’s book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing

– Regina Meredith on Gaia.

– Norm Shealy

– Leslie Zehr – Egyptian teacher and guide

A couple of notes on this episode… we refer to an episode I recorded but did not release. It’s too heavy right now and my provocative title proved to be a little too predictive. Maybe sometime I’ll redo it but ugh…

If you hear some blips, names were mentioned that I’d rather not. We protect our kids and others in this space, cause free will baby.

More of the voice … that’s me….

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