Create YOUR Day!  Do this in the morning to start your day…it’s fabulous.  30 minutes guided mediation and 10 minutes of peaceful music to let it all sink in!

We have had so many Harmonic Egg clients fall in love with this meditation! Now, available because of client demand, you can now download the .mp3 version of this powerful meditation so that you can experience it in your own home. Hauntingly beautiful and profound, let this I Am/Create Your Day meditation sink you into deep relaxation as you open your mind up for gratitude, healing, and connection with the Divine.

Special thanks to Wen Boley for the permission to share this with the world.


Gail Lynn also co-created several original music pieces for the Harmonic Egg, each piece is limitless in how it can serve the greater good…play with the music, have fun with it, use your intuition, each song includes notes with instructions to get you started on your journey to use music (sound) and colors in your daily life!

Check out ALL of the Harmonic Egg music!:



A Guided Meditation to the 12th Chakra with Gail

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