Very recently I had a client ask me about Crystal Bed Therapy and how it stacks up as compared to the Harmonic Egg. Since I have never used a crystal bed…either on myself or on a client…I couldn’t really give them a fair comparison. However, based on my belief on how the body heals, I can clearly say where I see possible trouble spots.

For those of you who had never heard of crystal beds before, I’ll give you a quick overview. Crystal Bed Therapy was created by João Teixeira de Faria, also known as the talented, yet deeply flawed Brazilian healer, ‘John of God’. Before his fall from grace, de Faria channeled the crystal bed, a massage table with amethyst crystals in the bed, and a moveable arm of seven Vogel crystals hanging above the table. Each crystal, meant to hang over a specific chakra, is cut to the “perfect” frequency of that chakra, and light with the corresponding color for that chakra is amplified through the crystal to “rebalance” the chakra on the bed below it. In a nutshell, you lie on a table as a rainbow of seven lights, almost like lasers, beam down into your chakras as you relax. You are also fitted with headphones and listen to music with binaural beats or Hemi-Sync technology throughout your session.

When I created the Harmonic Egg, I had done enough reading and research to decide that I did not want an open room, binaural beats, and music solely through headphones for a reason. Nor did I want to use crystals. My reasoning is as follows, but for a slightly longer explanation, see my blog post:

Open Rooms – For a full account of what went in to creating the Egg, I refer you to my book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing. In this short article, all I’ll say is that an enclosed chamber, built with sacred geometry in mind and with natural materials, cradles every one of your cells in a resonant frequency designed to support mind, body and spirit in a safe environment that allows one to gently return to balance at their own pace. Where headphones work on the brain and nervous system, a resonant chamber reaches every cell with the goal of systemic wholeness in mind. Open rooms with massage tables lose that resonance, and energies become trapped and muted in the far-off corners.

Binaural Beats and Crystals – Crystals are powerful amplifiers. They also collect the information of all who touch them. Most crystals are not cleaned and purified properly, so I always wonder what information they have in memory, and if that other person’s energy is now about to flow into me. Without knowledge of how crystals are cleaned and by who, I’m not a fan of lying on a massage table surrounded by them.

Vogel crystals are supposed to be cut in the highest of frequencies, which is fine…if you’re the Dali Lama. But most of us are every-day folks, and I believe that a frequency TOO high may yank the client so far out of their ordinary balance that an emotional/spiritual/physical healing crisis is highly likely to occur over the next few days. The other probability is that the frequency will be so high that the body won’t even register your session at all. I feel that way about binaural beats, as well…and I have a deep respect for Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute. However, forcing the brain into a specific pattern when the nervous system is unwilling or confused about the information being downloaded will, again, either create a healing crisis, or not be felt at all. Forcing the brain and body into healing is never, in my experience, a good idea.

The Harmonic Egg holds the body in a safe environment where mind, body and soul can detoxify and heal at its own pace. Nothing is forced, and there are no elements telling your energy that it is less than perfect and must conform to a specific paradigm. The Egg holds you in sacred geometry as you are…a perfect you…and allows your cells to realign at their own pace. It certainly isn’t the only modality out there, and I encourage you to find the one that is right for you. As long as you find a competent practitioner who knows their technology well, I applaud your journey toward healing!

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