Caution and Contraindications

Color therapy is one of the most ancient healing therapies. When used wisely and respectfully, it can help harness the energy of the sun’s light to boost your body’s natural healing ability. However, it’s important to understand that while colors can heal, they can also harm.  Red light increases blood pressure and blue decreases it, even when the subject is blindfold. (Maybe that’s why we get so irritated waiting for a red light to turn green?!)

Other Uses of Color

    • Research shows that when gray industrial machines were painted orange, the morale of factory workers improved
    • Black bridges painted green reduced suicide jumpers significantly
    • In hospitals, oranges and yellows were proved to help patients get well faster
    • In sports, blue-painted dressing rooms are regarded as conducive for resting, while red-painted rooms are considered best for “fight” talks.

NOTE: Some organizations paint the opposing teams’ dressing rooms blue, to give the home team the advantage!

Fast food restaurants use stimulating colors such as reds and yellows, as these are known to speed up eating. Yellow also has a stimulating effect on the appetite, thereby encouraging people to eat more.

Using colored light bulbs for short periods of time, covering your body in colored silks, or wearing colored clothing are helpful when you need an emotional or psychological boost. But if you’re seeking treatment for specific physical symptoms, it is recommended you consult a certified color therapist or qualified practitioner.

Below is a fun chart, taken from the book The Ancient Art of Color Therapy by Linda Clark, which shows a sample of how color can replenish minerals for your body. It makes me wonder how many of us take supplements that are not easily absorbed, or properly utilized by our individual body types. In cases like these, we would either be wasting our money, or making our kidneys and liver work harder to process them. Wouldn‘t it be cool if choosing different colored clothes and accessories, or eating different colored foods could help to replenish our bodies of specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies?

One final point to note for those who choose to wear black a lot—it is not helping your body.  Black creates disease so consider switching up the colors of your wardrobe.

From the book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing – BUY NOW

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