In the early Spring of 2020, our world changed. Authorities assured us that we had a pandemic on our hands, and for a while we were no longer allowed or encouraged to leave our homes. Unfortunately, the problem was that we all needed healing, now more than ever! People wanted to protect their immune systems, and those experiencing mental health challenges needed to find solutions in an isolated society. I scratched my head and looked to the Egg for an answer. Of course, the Egg never fails me!

It soon occurred to me that “distance healing” has been going on for quite some time. Anyone who understands energy and Quantum Mechanics knows that where your attention goes, your energy flows. I began to experiment with a few clients, and over time I realized that remote sessions not only worked, but seemed to be the answer our isolated society needed!

Now that we are getting back to normal, I am still finding that remotes are extremely popular and helpful. Our centers use remotes for those who are elderly and bed-bound; for clients who live in areas where there is no Harmonic Egg (yet!); for animals, large and small; for children who might be dealing with ASD, or who have too much energy to sit still; and some clients have gotten fabulously creative! Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate THE HARMONIC EGG into your daily life:

* Purchase a session to heal your inner child; we have childhood trauma protocols in all our centers

*Purchase a session to heal relationships with friends or loved ones

* Purchase a session as a house clearing to sweep it free of unwanted energies

* Purchase a session to heal the land of your home

* Purchase a session to make peace with pests that might be invading your space (insects, mice, etc.)

* Purchase a session for your work building to raise / expand the vibration of the business

* Purchase a session to heal your community or an organization

The possibilities are endless! Of course, you cannot try to influence another person without their consent. However, you can have the intention to bring the relationship or situation to its highest and best good. And, the process is simple. All your local center needs is a photo, a name, land coordinates, or a birth/creation date. And…your intention, which is a critical part of the mix. The Egg can do the rest…gently, non-invasively, and with love.

Using the Harmonic Egg music: A way to make your sessions integrate and hold even further is to incorporate exclusive Harmonic Egg music into your life. Playing these beautiful tracks…created with love and intention…help your sessions hold their magic for longer than the usual five-to-seven-day integration time. We offer different music for different things (the song notes on how to use the music is included with the USBs purchased online)…but all of it is beautiful, relaxing, and designed to envelop you within a space of renewal and rejuvenation.  You owe it to yourself to experience all that the Egg can offer you. Call your local center today for sessions and music, or purchase the music online at 

Music for use at home:

(The song notes are printable for you to choose selections based on chakra, tone, color and instrument – see more detailed explanations in Gail’s book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing, in the APPENDIX pages 176-183).

White USB (Purity) – Detox, eye issues, hearing issues, Lyme, joints, digestion, memory, immune building

Yellow USB (Wellness Tracks) – for building the immune system, detoxifying heavy metals, calming the mind and balancing the nervous system, for pets, children and Autism, reduce inflammation

Green USB (Mantras) – detox the liver, help with anger, pain and resentment, forgiveness, speaking your truth, immune building

Blue USB (Soul Concerto) – nervous system balancing, detox the liver, balance the chakras,

Red USB and CD (Frequency of Love) – love heals all…use this for house clearing, work building clearing, clearing the land, cleansing your home, assisting the community.

These USBs are limitless in how they can help you…play with them, have fun with them, use your intuition…they have song notes with instructions to get your started on your journey to use music (sound) and colors in your daily life!

Sending lots of love and light,



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