Don’t Do Stupid Shit To Your Body FEAR OR LOVE show

In this video there is a strong opinion, by me, that a product I tried with Kava and Kratom Leaf did “hurt” me. I am not against the use of herbal supplements, but I am sharing my personal experience with a product that combined Kava and Kratom Leaf. Here are some websites where I pulled information to determine the cause of my more frequent headaches, the sensitivity to light, the ocular migraines, right side pains (area of the liver), lower back pain (area of the kidneys), the increase in hot flashes and the inability to recall dreams (this is a more recent discovery) were all a result of my taking this supplement. I don’t want people to live in fear, but I do want them to be cautious of what they put in their body, listen to their body, and do research before taking things. In this instance, I did not do proper research and had to figure it out after the fact, in some cases, people could be seriously harmed if they are not healthy and do not realize the cause of pains, symptoms or other in time to stop the supplement. Not every body is the same and some will be fine with supplements. More sensitive people will suffer with side effects of seemingly “safe” supplements.

Gail and Carrie have a serious discussion about giving away our power to FEAR. Living in FEAR is proven to cause dis-ease. The root of anger, hate, shame…is FEAR. The discussion will trigger some listeners (triggers are our treasures). How do you find more joy in your life, AND take a leap into the abyss to do what you LOVE? Why don’t people jump and know that God / Universe will catch them…if they have faith?

Carrie Gray, DOMP started her career in the health field 30 years ago when she graduated from CCMH in Sutton Ontario, Canada. She became a registered massage therapist. She continued her education by becoming a Reiki Master, Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner. In 2004 she became a Manual Osteopath. Currently, she is working on her Matrix Repatterning Practitioner certification, and is also advancing her osteopathic skills by taking courses in Visceral, Cranial and Neuromuscular from the Barral Institute. She has had a keen interest in singing and as a hobby she pursued voice lessons and starred in several operas in her early 40’s.

Carrie can be reached at: [email protected]

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