Don’t Do Stupid Shit To Your Body YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!

Whether you are human or an alien on this planet, you have likely heard from your doctor, “there is nothing medical wrong with you”. Yet, you don’t feel like yourself, you know something is “wrong” and you can’t find the answer on your own. You go about your days thinking it’s part of getting older, it’s normal to start feeling bad over time. Let me tell you, there is nothing normal about suffering, pain, illness, insomnia, depression, etc…at any age. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! Tune in to hear Gail and Samatha talk about this very real topic.

Samantha loves helping people who are struggling to find answers to why all the doctors or practitioners say they are totally healthy. Even their friends and family are starting to question if they are crazy or not…. she knows first hand how hard it is to feel awful in your own skin and the strain it puts on your mental and physical health. Samatha gives women (most of her clients are women) a safe place to tell her their health journey and have a practitioner actually listen and start giving root cause solutions. Samantha loves to educate about the impact of hormone imbalances and underlying gut infections that can wreck havoc in all areas of the body.

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