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Our Brand is about Love, Integrity, Reliability and Community.


We believe that love heals all. By setting love as our intention, we strive to spread that intention to anyone we are in contact with. Our loving and caring nature is why we bring our non-invasive healing method to the world. We are passionate about helping others. We bring a message of hope in helping people manifest the quality of life they desire.


Trust is earned through providing a high level of service, guidance and support. By listening to clients and giving them our knowledge and honest input, we show we care. We operate with fairness and decency, both for our customers as well as our co-workers. We hold our approved Harmonic Egg centers to a high standard to protect our brand.


We are approachable, hard working, cooperative, truthful, and readily available to talk to our Harmonic Egg owners and address their concerns. We have an overwhelming desire to share our knowledge and help our clients achieve success. We offer a consistent and repeatable modality to help others achieve the wellness they desire.


We know that our success depends on consistently providing support and we genuinely give our best effort for the benefit of every Harmonic Egg owner and end-user. We assist our approved centers by providing marketing and training and by conducting virtual meetings for center owners to connect, share and support each other as an extended family.

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