Last year, Gail did one of her first Gab with Gail episodes with Seth Bovio of Superieur Electrolytes. Today, he’s back to dig deeper with Gail about what makes a “superieur” electrolyte drink, the importance of hydration, and much more:

*What is the difference between synthetic “vitamin C” and natural vitamin C?

*What is the difference between the plant Stevia and the sweetener Stevia?

*What are some of the symptoms of low electrolytes?

*What are electrolytes and why are they important for our health?

*What is the difference between sea minerals verses manufactured minerals?

*Sodium: good for you or not?

*How do you know which forms of magnesium is right for you?

*How hydration strengthens our immune system

*How important are carbs to your hydration?

*Bamboo Stem Extract: what is it? Why does Superieur have it?

Books referenced: Healing Herbs of the Upper Rio Grande:…

You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty:… to find patents – US 2007/0292582 A1- Pub Date: Dec 20, 2007

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