diabetes and tinnitus help blog pictureThis is how my mind works and I try to train the other Harmonic Egg center owners to think like me.  Maybe that’s a mistake…ha ha!  No one really wants to be in my head.  There is a squirrel in there that never stops running around on a wheel.  Okay, you should have smiled at that.

I was in San Diego for a wedding and someone there solicited my help with Type 2 diabetes.  In my studies of 11 years I have learned that in order to help diabetes (Type 1 seems to be more about the Pancreas and Type 2 more about the Liver) you need to make some diet changes.  This gentleman’s diagnosis was Type 2 so that is what I will mostly write about here, but feel free to reach out if you want more information on Type 1 Diabetes.   I will get to Tinnitus in a minute.

Type 2 Diabetes being about the liver being fatty and unable to break down fats and cause an insulin resistance, or the body not able to work like it should because the liver is not pulling its weight.  I have clients reduce fatty foods (lower their intake of animal proteins, no fried foods, no dairy, etc.).  I have clients increase their fruits and vegetable intake. Yes, fruits.  We have been hoodwinked to believe that fruits are dangerous for diabetics, but in fact there are essential minerals in fruits that help the liver and the body work efficiently.   Listen to this podcast, as it makes the most sense to me on how to explain what I just stated.  https://soundcloud.com/medicalmedium/fruit-fear

The liver needs support, not detoxing.  The liver needs hydration, mineral salts, glucose and oxygen.  Learn how in this webinar I created for people wanting to support their liver.  https://lifecenter.us/liver-health-and-weight-issues-webinar (or watch below). Be sure to take notes on the things to do to support the liver.  Your liver is supporting you on a daily basis, even when you are sleeping so be good to your liver.

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Almost to the Tinnitus part.  This gentleman, from San Diego, has Type 2 diabetes so bad he’s on several medicines (meds) and he’s now seeing double vision in one eye and having to wear an eye patch.  He is to the point of being desperate for help.  I wish people would not get to that point before helping themselves, but in our fast-paced world with quick fix mentalities we just take meds and hope that quick fix will be enough to keep us going.  The problem is, it’s not!  It’s masking symptoms that keep getting worse because we are not resolving the root cause of the problem.

While having dinner one night, this gentleman mentioned that when he drinks coffee his ears ring really bad.  These are things I pay attention to and store in my mind for that squirrel to run around and then find the pieces of my knowledge that fit into a more clear puzzle.  I have read that Type 2 Diabetes can also be heavy metals or a viral load attacking the liver.  Hmmmm….this gentleman was in the Navy and retired as a Master Chief (that’s about 30+ years), and I know many military guys have a high load of heavy metals in their bodies.  I suggested he ask his doctor to order a heavy metal urine challenge for him.  When I got home I went online and researched heavy metals and coffee. It turns out, coffee is made of chemical components that are really good at trapping heavy metals like mercury and lead….another.  Hmmmm….more work for that squirrel to churn information in my brain.  Poor squirrel.

Everything I have read over the years about Tinnitus had led to the following causes:  1) Inflammation, 2) Heavy Metals, 3) A virus attacking the body (an autoimmune condition), 4) kidney issues, 5) liver issues.  Yes, not so exciting to know if you have Tinnitus.  However, I have helped people with this condition if they are patient and work with me on all the points listed above.

Oh, I have also read Tinnitus can be a B12 deficiency.  “B12 deficiency may cause the demyelination of neurons in the cochlear nerve, resulting in hearing loss and tinnitus.”  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4918681/

If you didn’t know already I am the inventor of the Harmonic Egg (a sound and light egg-shaped chamber).  Learn more at https://www.harmonicegg.com.  During the first session for someone using the Harmonic Egg to resolve Tinnitus, we work on inflammation.  That’s the easiest one to rule out if it’s the cause of Tinnitus.  Truly, clients have done one session and the ringing was gone.  In the next sessions we work on settings to detox heavy metals, anti-viral settings, kidney and liver support settings and we coach the client on diet changes as well as other protocols we have documented at the centers.  It’s not a quick fix for most clients.  We recommend purchasing a 10 pack of sessions and doing those over a short period of time.  Weekly is best.  That’s a good amount of support for the body to reset / reboot and remind it that dis-ease is not NORMAL.  Our bodies are amazing machines and know how to heal on their own, but over the years we beat them up, eat crappy foods, don’t get enough rest, have traumas that come up (like the loss of a parent or a car accident), stress of all kinds…the body gets out of sync and forgets the NORMAL of its perfection.  The Harmonic Egg reboots the body and shifts it back to the perfection it was innately born with.  Am I making any sense?

Again, not a quick fix and why would you expect it to be when you beat your body up for 5, 20, 40 years and then you want it to be fixed with a pill or a MAGIC EGG.   Okay, laughing is appropriate here.

When seeing clients with Type 2 diabetes we use similar settings in the Harmonic Egg (anti-viral, nervous system reboot, liver support, heavy metal detox).  The settings used in the Harmonic Egg are carefully selected when you visit a center (all centers are trained to do a proper intake to find out what the client want to focus on, and then have them set their intention while in the Harmonic Egg).

Check out my book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets of Healing, for references: why sound and light therapies work for dis-ease, interviews from doctors, musicians and clients and more on the workings of the Harmonic Egg.  https://www.harmonicegg.com/store

I hope I have helped some of you to engage that squirrel in your head to start thinking how you can help yourself find a better quality of life from things that ail you whether it be Tinnitus, Diabetes, PTSD, STRESS, sleep disorders or other.  I, myself, was able to rid my body of migraines, asthma, liver and thyroid issues, cystic acne, hair loss and more using sound and light.

Gail Lynn

http://www.harmomicegg.com or http://www.lifecenter.us

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