As a society we have lost the ability and skill to think for ourselves.  The media tells us how to think, schools and colleges tell us how to think, Facebook tells us how to think, advertisements tell us how to think and our technology (FitBits, Healy, Motiv ring, Apple Watch, Owlet, Health apps, etc) tell us what they think is wrong with us…THESE ARE TOOLS, they are not to be used as the golden rule.  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, you don’t need technology to tell you your back hurts.

Information and knowledge are very different.  Humans CANNOT acquire knowledge from books, media, technology.  They can acquire information, but information is not knowledge!

“Information is not knowledge until it is recognized by the spiritual consciousness of man.” ~Walter Russell

Just like food is not nourishment for the body until it becomes a part of the blood stream, and some food we are putting into our bodies are not even nourishing.  Every bite of food you take you are sending a message to the body on how much or little you respect yourself.  I digress…back to the topic.

Why does most of society expect a doctor, a health practitioner or a smart phone to tell them what to do to feel good?  We have lost touch with our bodies and the ability to think for ourselves.  These people and devices should be tools for us to discern and gather information.

I am against any wearable “technology” monitoring your every step, heart beat, event in your life.  We have given away our power to “authorities” and technology.

Wearing a technology (or the term now is “wearables”) is not the future we want.  I think those transmissions are negative to the body. They may have “science” that proves otherwise but I don’t believe it. They are constantly putting electronic transmissions / EMFs into your body to get second by second “readings” on your every move and body function.  Some claim you must wear a grounding bracelet to be safe from the EMFs, but I don’t believe that just having the grounding bracelet on is harmonizing all the EMFs that are possibly going into the body.  Is this making sense?  The constant monitoring is electronic energy pulsing through the body.
I have helped clients with their stress levels by asking them to NOT wear the “wearables” and they admitted their stress levels went down after putting them in the drawer.  One reason could be the stress of constantly being told how you are doing, or not doing, and the other could be the electronic transmissions caused the stress on the body.  I encourage clients to tap into their own potential of feeling their own body.  Do not depend on a computer to tell you how you’re doing.  I think that is very unhealthy for the mind and body.
I think we need less electronics and less technology, NOT more technology. I think we need to tune into our own bodies and feel into how we’re feeling, not how an electronic device is telling us how we’re feeling. There are so many medical devices now “reading” our health…some might be accurate and some could be sending you down a path that is destructive to the body.  Norm Shealy, MD states in his book on Energy Medicine that 90% of these machines are not accurate.  Clients have told me that they are accurate as they have stated they had been exposed to mold and they were…well, who hasn’t been exposed to mold?  You see, just like the psychics can scan a room and say, “someone in the room has a grandmother named Mary”.  Well, chances are a room full of people will have someone with a grandmother named Mary.  Then the whole audience is in awe over the psychic.  Ok, digressing again.
Then you have the machines that say you have parasites.  We all have parasites.  Are they causing an issue or not is the question.  Clients have done strong parasite cleanses based on this information and they killed more than parasites and messed up their bodies.  So, you see this information is for you to gain knowledge and discern what your body needs.
I hope this makes sense and I touch at least one person who will not hurt themselves from the possible mis-information and dangerous transmissions from some of these “wearables”.
Here is some information about the health risks of “wearables” –
To learn more about healthy frequencies and calming music:

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