Healing with Sound and Light: The Science behind the Harmonic Egg


New Age technology is here!… actually it has been re-discovered!  Immerse yourself in the ancient healing technology that involves sound and light therapy as Gail Lynn, founder of Harmonic Egg,  reveals the transformative effects of this innovative therapy.  Gail’s holistic approach to healing can help balance your nervous system and address the root causes of disease. Join us in unlocking the mystery behind this cutting-edge therapy and experience the power of sound and light. – tune in now to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the ANS and balancing it is crucial for reducing stress and promoting healing
  • Sound and light therapy can be an effective way to balance the ANS and reduce inflammation
  • Understanding the root causes of disease is important for finding the right combination of healing methods
  • Tips for staying healthy include hydration, getting enough sleep, and avoiding stress triggers
  • Trusting your intuition and listening to your body can help you find the right healing methods for you


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GAIL: we are not listening to our body. We have gone so far from where we should be. And alternative medicine, we’ve, the alternative medicine is the big pharma cuz they’ve altered the native medicine. They’re the alternative.

JON: All right. Welcome to the new Hhu podcast. I’m your host. Did I say podcast? I think I said it quick. Uh, I’m your host, John as Stasio. I’m here with Gail Lynn, who’s the, a inventor and creator of the Harmonic Egg. Welcome to the show, Gale.

GAIL: Thank you for having me. This will be fun. Fine.

JON: This is gonna be fun. We were just, we were just talking about how let’s, we have a plan of how we’re gonna make everything flow. We wanna talk about the tech behind the harmonic egg, how it’s new age tech, how you came about it. But let’s see how it goes, because if, whenever I’m talking about something exciting, some random stuff pops up and sometimes we just have to dive in. So we’re gonna be, we’re gonna go with the flow. So, uh, we, I mentioned the harmonic egg. What is that? What is it going on? What was going on? And it’s not a med bed, but you might think about that when you see it. Go ahead, Gail. I, I’m very curious.

GAIL: Okay, cool. You know, it’s not a med bed, but you know, everybody’s using this buzzword med bed. Everything’s a med bed now. So, um, it’s actually a large structure that’s in the shape of an egg. And, you know, I thought it was important, you know, life comes from an egg, so why not put some structure together for healing in an egg, right? So it’s made out of wood because also God or source, universe, whatever word you use, they li the God lives in simplicity. And so it’s not high tech, it’s a wooden egg without any wifi, without any Bluetooth electronics. And so, so many people have come to me and said, oh, you should put this screen in there and then it’ll be all this wifi stuff in there, and then you should put this. Uh, spinning, lazy Susan in there, and people can turn whatever way they want or have this pulley system, and then they’re hanging from, it’s, it’s simple. You lay in a zero gravity chair, you listen to subconsciously created music, and you live. You live in that space of just being with you for 40 minutes of music, 10 minutes of silence. We don’t have silence in our world much anymore. There’s so much noise. So that 10 minutes of silence is really to help you integrate. I think the keys to it, it’s frequency, it’s vibration, it’s sound waves, and it’s light waves. So the frequencies come from the music, the waveforms of the music, not 5 28 hertz, not the saio suite. What I’ve learned and studied is that it comes from the waveforms of instruments. The egg by itself will resonate at about 12, 1300 hertz. So there’s no point in putting 5 28 hertz in there. So the wave form of the flute is very simple, and we’ve found that it works with the liver, the wave form of the drum. We’ve done pre and post live blood analysis. It’s actually showing more white blood cells. So is it in fact building the immune system? The wave formm of the piano is working to balance the autonomic nervous system. So after 200 tests of heart rate variability, I asked a doctor who was reading those tests for me. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve taken all the studies, but I stayed at a holiday in express last night. Wink, wink. No, just kidding. He said I could do these corny jokes. So there was, there’s one. Um, so the doctor has to read the heart rate variability results, and I said, okay, Dr. Denise, if I were to refund anybody who did not have an improvement in their autonomic nervous system, pre and post the L sound and light therapy session. How many people would I have to give their money back? And she said none. I said, no, no, no, no, no. If I had to, you know, I just didn’t believe that the answer was 100%. She said, everybody has had an improvement in their autonomic nervous system. Some slight, some off the charts. So I realize what it’s doing, but I’m not putting out medical research. A lot of people put out medical research on five clients or patients, or 10. That’s not medical research to me. You know, a controlled study to me is, you know, here’s a woman at the same age, grew up in the same house, had the same job, ate the same diet, had the same parents, lived in the same location. So really there aren’t any controlled studies. When I hear of a controlled study ages 18 to 60 from all over the world and all different races and religions, and that’s not controlled to me, but they put it out as medical research. So you have the frequency, you have the vibration. So the vibration comes from, there’s a subwoofer underneath the chair, and you get a sonic massage. You are not bouncing out of the chair by any means. We try to keep it at, uh, less than 90 decibels. We know that over 90 decibels, you can throw people into fight or flight. You can jack up their nervous system and you can also damage cells. So I, when I do my training for my son or owners, the people who purchased the harmonic egg, I tell ’em keep it at 50 to 70 decibels. And what I’ve noticed is, you know, after covid turning the sound even lower, um, I don’t know if anybody, you guys remember when Trump won the election, you know, several years ago, all my clients needed lower sound. After that, there was so much stress, so much, uh, collective stress that the sound needed to come down. So after Covid, the sound needed to come down for my sessions, I’m almost using children’s like volume. Because just the, the, the stress of the collective is just there. So lower volume. There are, uh, articles that I share with my center owners that lower volume is gonna help with pain more, not higher volume. We use blue light with pain as well. So frequency, vibration, sound waves, we talked about the instruments and the waveforms, and then light waves. So not only do you get sound, but you get light. So, Edgar Casey had stated a long time ago in the forties, if you can bring together the spiritual forces of sound and the spiritual forces of light, it’d be a great modality for the future. So we have the light. So what I’ve studied is, you know, chakra one, root chakra imbalance, could have teeth problems, hearing problems, eye problems, knee problems, feet problems, anything to do with our survival, walking, moving, eating, hearing, seeing root chakra imbalance. To bring that back into bounce. We’ll use some red light and we’ll use some drumming music. So I’ve got it down to what chakra heals with which light, color and which instrument. And then when I talk to my musicians, I say, okay, we need, um, flute and drumming for this reason. We need this created in the tone of C. We need this. And created in the tone of E when you’re missing a tone from your body, it’ll create physical and emotional issues. So the tone of e for example, uh, lung problems, emphysema, oxygenation issues, and then lacking the color of yellow. Then you can also relate that to medical astrology, which could be, uh, they’re under the zodiac sign of a Leo. It’s crazy stuff, and I, I know you have questions. I’m

JON: so you you

GAIL: just go all over the place.

JON: I’m like, wait, wait, wait. Um, lot of really interesting stuff. I’m thinking you just, you just brought in astrology. So sometimes you bring in astrology into the mix when you, uh, have people enter the egg or before they enter the egg to kind of calibrate even further for them. Is, is that what I’m getting?

GAIL: So Sherry Edwards is somebody that a lot of people will know that she had a gift where she could hear what tone was missing. Just her human person could hear you, would talk to her, and she said, you’re missing the tone of blah, blah, blah. Well, Annie Williams is my teacher. Annie Williams took it to another level and kind of combined in, um, astrology with that. So she would actually do your birth chart, listen to the tones that were missing, and she often found that you’re missing the exact tones that weren’t maybe on the planet the day that you dropped in. So you’re missing those. So you go through your whole life not knowing why you have this ailment or this disease, and you say it’s hereditary, but what if it isn’t? What if it’s just a missing tone from your voice? What if you can replenish those tones? So she’s done the voice analysis on me. I’ve taken two of her courses. She has an online course, and of course it’s Annie Williams, a n i, Williams, brilliant, um, teacher of mine. And so she teaches how to look at the astrology and, you know, emotional, physical, environmental. And she really resonated with me more than, um, Sherry Edwards. I think Sherry Edwards just puts you on a machine, and we all know that the machine is only as good as the humans that designed it.

JON: Mm-hmm. Yeah. And I’m thinking, so if somebody is monotone in how they talk and they don’t have that much tones to ’em, I can totally see it. How they can be reflecting how sick they are to someone that’s trained in that. And for somebody like myself that. Wasn’t aware of that until more recently. I could just think that they were just boring. Right. And interesting how the healthier the person, the more life that they have in them. And so, you know, I know you’re giggling, like I’m just, they’re, you’re boring, but that just means that you’re slowly dying, I guess. Like this is horrible. And then, um, now you don’t want to help them out because they’re just like draining you to, to listen to them. You know, like, what’s that commercial? Clear eyes. You’re like, oh, he’s, he’s hurting right now. Like, he needs, he needs some tone therapy. He needs like a, a, a whole symphony injected into him some way. He needs like a whole weekend and an egg or something. Is that a good example?

GAIL: Well, I, this, this popped up on my screen on Facebook this morning, and I was like, I’m gonna, I’m gonna tie this into this somehow. Deepak Chopra says, the body is held together by light, and the presence of disease indicates that some sounds. Have gone out of tune. So I think it’s light and sound, but the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune. So it’s exactly what we’re just talking about because it, our bodies are light and sound, I mean by from God, from creator, from source. We’re vibrational beings of light. So why not heal with sound and light and yes, when people are monotone. I’ve actually have, um, a client who is a, um, stain glass designer. So she works with lead a lot and I can tell you when she’s been doing a lot of work, cuz she will come in and she has a raspy voice and I can tell that she’s full of heavy metals. She comes out of the egg and her voice is back to the, the way it was. You can tell from someone’s voice the things that are going on. I’m not as gifted as Sherry Edwards, but I do know how to use a digital tune and talk to somebody and listen and hear and watch what tones are missing.

JON: I That makes me think of, um, when some people, or just in general, you’re like, oh, I think I’m coming up with a cold cause my throat’s getting sore, or I’m coming up with something and it’s usually starts, right? You start feeling that dryness in your throat and I’m wondering, is the throat kind of like the signal where it’s like it’s trying to now. Keep all the tones together and because it’s starting to fall apart, um, it’s a signal saying, you know, Hey, you need to fix something, but we feel it. And then you hear it. And it’s interesting how that’s like one of the first things that happens your throat, which is the thing that makes the noise. So in the healing part. So I mean, if, does that mean that if people are all a hundred percent healed, they would be amazing singers and they won’t be tone death? Or is it more like they’ll sound more full?

GAIL: Okay, that brings up a couple of things. So the first question is, um, well lemme go to the singer thing because it’s on my mind right now. A lady actually told me after her session, she said she felt like she had complete, um, all the tones in her voice and she said she was singing beautifully and brilliantly. So, and I know when Annie tested me for, um, the voice analysis, my brain’s going 3000 miles an hour right now. So she said I was missing a couple of tones, which were in indicative of Scorpio, which I’m a Scorpio and when I was born, but after doing sessions in the harmonic egg and she tested me again, she said, Gail, I’m telling you this egg has to be doing something because you are a little bit low on a couple things, but you’re not missing anything. So, blew my mind. So we now use her music in. So if somebody comes in and we can tell from their symptoms that they’re missing certain tones, our music’s created that way. This is the tone of G, this is the tone of F sharp. This is the tone of eec. So we have music created that way. But what you were saying about the sore throat, we are not, um, discerning right now. Like people are just, they go to a doctor and they say, what’s wrong with me? What do I do? And that is, that makes me crazy. We are not listening to our body. We have gone so far from where we should be. And alternative medicine, we’ve, the alternative medicine is the big pharma cuz they’ve altered the native medicine. They’re the alternative.

JON: Mm.

GAIL: So we have come so far away from listening to our bodies. Our bodies are perfect. They’ve been created perfectly and we should just listen to them. So I will tell people, if you stub your toe, And then you hurt your knee and then you hurt your elbow. I said, if you don’t listen to your body, ultimately it will result in death. And they think I’m crazy. They’re like, boy, I just stubbed my toe. Did you stub your right toe or your left toe? You got the divine feminine side, you’ve got the masculine side. Was it something you stubbed your toe and your toe is about, you know, moving forward, did you hurt your knee? Are you being inflexible somewhere? Are you being stubborn somewhere? We really shouldn’t have any pains or any aches in. When we do, we should say, okay, let me listen. There’s a book called Messages from the Body by Dr. Michael Lincoln, and you can look up anything in that book. And so L four and L five vertebrae, lower back pain could be financial stress, but it could also be abandonment issues. So you look at where is this pain coming from? What do I need to fix in my life? And if you do this, I mean the sky is the limit. I don’t think that. Really we need to age. We’ve been hoodwinked to believe that we have to age and the telomeres and the DNA n and this and that. And we just age and we have to die. But what if, what if we didn’t? What if we actually could live a very long time because we listened to our bodies and we didn’t believe the narrative of we have to die? I mean, I, I have a philosophy. I have a PhD in philosophy, which I don’t put on any of my, you won’t see it on my book or anything like that because I talked to these doctors that have Harvard degrees in Yale and Pepperdine, and, and I bought my degree. I went to school for 13 years and I bought my degree. That’s, that’s, so that’s how I see it. And if somebody needs to know that I have letters behind my name to know that I’m credible and they like what I have, well, I don’t want that. I want to stand on myself for who I am, what I’ve created, and the testimonials that it creates for people and the lifestyle that it gives to people. So you won’t see PhD on anything because I don’t wanna be ridiculed and it doesn’t, it, it doesn’t matter.

JON: Hmm. And, and, um, it, it, it’s, as we’re talking as, and as I’m learning about how this works on people, it’s, my mind is starting to like, Reconfigure of what I think is going on when we get sick and I’m thinking about do I have abandonment issues? Cause my lower back. But I am thinking about money often, so it’s like, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s thinking that stuff. Right. And you’re like, huh, what, what is that book? Uh, where’s this, where can I find this egg? Um, so getting into the tack, the egg, I’m, I’m wondering when you jump in there and like, is this like, uh, the experience in the egg, do, do people have, like, um, do they start shaking or is, you know, and you, you watch these movies and they go through these, um, miraculous, um, healing journeys were like, I saw space and I traveled through time and I hallucinated and I did do, do anybody, like, are there any stories of people experiencing things or am I just kinda like overthinking the situation and it’s very simple.

GAIL: No. And let me say too, there’s a couple other books I’ll put out there. One is called Feelings, buried Alive, never Die. Great title. Right? And then another one’s called Who’s the Matter With Me? And then, then, then you have all the, um, yeah, right. It’s, it’s hilarious. So there’s a very, a variety of experiences people have anywhere from, they fell asleep and it felt like five minutes and nothing happened to which, you know, there’s always something that happens, but when people are not tuned into their body, they’ll just tell you nothing happened. And then you’ll, I’ll talk to their partner later and they’ll be like, what did you do? My partner’s? You know, it’s, he’s more, um, he’s happier or she’s not as, um, agitated. So sometimes they’ll say nothing happened. But when you talk to somebody who’s close to them, they’ll tell you something happened. Say, that’s quite comical. And then you have all the way to the extreme. So two stories come to mind. One lady had chronic Lyme disease and she said, Gail, I know that, um, medically the Lyme disease is gone, but emotionally it’s not. So she got into the egg and she said what happened was she said she saw from her guides and she said they were in Andros. She saw from her guides that there was a energetic tick in her head, and she said it literally jumped out. It started running around the egg and it got chomped up by an UND drin. Okay, now I’m a blue collar Detroit girl. So when I hear these stories, I think people are a little crazy, but. I have heard hundreds, hundreds of these stories where people have experiences where a past pet will come and lick their face. They’ll, they’ll tune in to people who have passed that come to them inside. Um, the egg, um, one lady said that she feels like there’s spiritual beings like such as angels and, you know, some, this will scare some people away from doing it. And I, you know, I feel bad saying it, but this, you know, anything happens, you can have nothing. And I’ll go to the medical ex explanation as well. Um, but yeah, she said that’s almost like spiritual angels that come in and work on you. Like, uh, psychic surgeries people talk about. And then there was another lady who was a medium in a channel and she said, oh God, everybody’s always asking me to try these things. None of ’em ever work. Go whatever. So she gets in and I guess the best ex explanation to. The shortest story. And she gets in. All of a sudden, she said she’s taken up almost like an elevator, like 20 floors flies up, elevator doors open. She, she has this whole experience, very spiritual experience, downloads all kinds of information. When they open the door to the egg, they said her hair was all disheveled and it looked like she really went somewhere. And I just have to laugh. And she’s like, okay, this is the real deal because, you know, it’s something actually happened. But when I talk to medical doctors, I can talk about the heart rate variability and there isn’t any medicine on, um, on the planet right now that can balance your autonomic nervous system. I mean, you can work on stomach pains and liver pains and allergies and insomnia, and they have Parkinson’s meds and they have chemo, but there’s really not a lot to balance the autonomic nervous system. And when you look at the autonomic nervous system, it’s connected to every organ in your body. Every system in your body. So when that’s not in balance and you’re stuck in fight or flight, then stuff’s gonna happen. I was trying not to swear. Um, stuff’s gonna happen.

JON: ahead. Don’t pull back.

GAIL: I know since, since my radio show is don’t do stupid shit to your body. Um, yeah, I guess I can say, you know, shit’s gonna happen when you’re ba when you’re not in balance. We all know we need balance. So I used to work out like a crazy person. I did circuit training, I did sparring, I did karate. I did, I was working out seven days a week. And when I started, when I opened my own business, I didn’t have time to work out. And I thought, oh my gosh, I’m going to turn to fat and labb and you know, it’s gonna be horrible. As soon as I balanced my autonomic nervous system, I was more tone. Okay. This blows my mind too. I was more tone and healthier than when I was working out every day. So I don’t work out. Now I have a horse, so I go out to see my horse. Um, and, but most of the time I’m sitting in front of this computer and I am more toned now than when I worked out.

JON: wow. So I know you’re gonna raise a few eyebrows. And so just to clarify, what is the atomic nervous system?

GAIL: So the autonomic nervous system is, it’s basically automatic. We breathe without thinking about it. I’m moving my arms without really thinking about it. I blink my eyes without thinking about it. You know, we actually, sometimes we drive without thinking about it, right?

JON: Yeah. Oh God,

GAIL: Um, so it’s your fight and flight and your rest on digest in the simplest form. So we have the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The sympathetic is you’re in fight or flight all the time. The, the sabertooth tiger or the bear is chasing you 24 7. It’s never gonna stop chasing you. And that’s where a lot of us are now since C O V D, where. Um, there’s so much stress, so much stress. And then people lost their jobs. They lost their houses. It’s like a bad country song. We need to play that country song backwards. Get your house back, get your dog back, get your job back,

JON: Yeah. Exa.

GAIL: So, so then you have the parasympathetic,

JON: Hey, that’s, I was gonna say that’s a smart, I think you have something there. You might wanna start some albums. You know, the reverse, uh, cowboy Cow Country, uh, music, you know, it’s all positive. It’s, it is not loss of everything. It’s gain of everything. I, I was just like, that’s hilarious.

GAIL: Blame backwards. Um, so the parasympathetic, as you rest and digest, if you’re not resting and digesting well, things aren’t gonna work, right? So that, that has to be in balance. And that’s why I say that when you’re using sound and light as vibrational beings of light, using sound and light, you can bring your body back into balance. So a lot of people are saying, well, More people are having heart attacks right now. And is it because of a certain situation that we were put under? Or is it because there’s, these are athletes who are under extreme amount of stress from the collective stress, plus they’re working out like crazy people to stay in shape, to do their, um, their sport, their passion, their career. Are they dropping dead because it’s the compact, you know, the autonomics not imbalance and they’re working out and they’re stressed out and then boom, heart attack. I mean, I, I don’t know. We don’t really know. But I love to be a private investigator. And when somebody tells me something, I don’t believe any narratives. I don’t believe what I see on the news. I don’t believe what I read on the internet. I tune into my own self. I sit in silence and meditate or pray, and then I take the best of what I hear and I throw the rest out. And that’s what we don’t do. We’re not critical thinkers right now. We’re not using common sense. And we’re asking somebody, tell me what’s wrong with me. Tell me what to do and we should be going inward and asking ourselves.

JON: Okay. And. Uh, I’m, I’m still thinking of, uh, country music. No, but, um, I, I like, I like how you, you broke down like a lot of these stories where people have weird experiences of, it’s such a range of experiences from being in an elevator to No, I just slept after five minutes of listening music, and then they’re a completely different person. And then for you to worry about, I’ll have to work all the time and I don’t have time to go back to the gym, and now you’re more toned than before, which is, it’s, it’s, it’s making it a little difficult to wrap the brain around, I will say. And it’s, and um, and I think it’s fascinating how sound and light can get such great results, and I’m not surprised that you have multiple locations that have these geometric chambers. And, and a bunch of different places. Um, I am curious though, I know you, you, we were talking the other day about some crazy success stories that you were sharing of people that had amazing, um, just, uh, problems solved, amazing experiences. Um, and I want, I wanna see if you can share a couple of them, because I want people to be excited about new technology, something that’s different. That’s something that’s powerful, um, because there’s going to be more of this coming out in the future. And I know that you’re going to be at the far for forefront of that, and you are already. So I would love to hear some success stories

GAIL: Well, and I will say that like the cream rises to the top. If you ever, you know, saw cream with milk, the cream rises to the top. I think the more simplistic, uh, technology without a lot of EMF exposure is gonna be more of the cream that rises to the top. And yeah, I mean, uh, I have some amazing stories. Uh, I’ll, I’ll start with my sister. That’s the first one that comes up. So, and, and because I say my sister, because I can follow her through the journey where a lot of clients I would see for 10 weeks and then their, you know, tumors were shrinking and they don’t have insomnia anymore. Their tremors are going away from their Parkinson’s, but I don’t get to follow them through their lifetime and see how they’re doing a year from now, or 10 years from now. So my sister was stuck in fight or flight. Okay. Not a bad, not a good situation. It’s a bad place to be in. So she had 15 years of unable to be, to get pregnant, so they just cut, stopped using birth control because she couldn’t get pregnant. But think about it. When you are stuck in fight or flight, do you think a little soul’s gonna wanna come into that body that’s running from a bear or a sabertooth tiger 24

JON: No, it doesn’t sound like a f. Does not sound like a fun ride to be

GAIL: think as a little soul, I’d be like, stay away from that body. So she came in to do sessions. She flew in from Michigan to see me in Colorado. Um, she did some sessions and she was back to her normal self. She’s very witty, she’s very funny. She was being, she was happier. She left, she was horny. Her boyfriend or her, it was her boyfriend at the time. Um, they, she got pregnant within seven days and she knew it. And, um, it was crazy. So the little soul was just sitting outside, just waiting, just waiting. And I have a 10 year old nephew now. Just waiting. And he was like, oh, this is a perfect place to now be. And he came in to be there and I’ve had nine other women who couldn’t get pregnant and then they were, you know, pregnant. It’s not gonna happen for everybody, but I’m just saying think about the common sense of that you’re in a chaotic situation, a little soul’s not gonna wanna come in. You balance out, you have this very beautiful place to, to live and the soul comes in. So I actually have a 10 year old nephew as a result of balancing the autonomic nervous system. Um, and I can, you know, I’ve been able to follow my sister through. Yeah, yeah. Totally makes sense. I mean, to me, my dad had a seventh grade education, but he had the most common sense of anybody I ever have known or ever probably will know. And he used to say, he goes, I’m sure glad I got out of there when I did. Cuz he said, those people with those with more education are stupid. He used to just say that. He said, the more education you have, the stupider you are. I used to say that all the time. So he would say, I’m glad I left when I was in seventh grade. Um, but he was brilliant. He would take engineers in automotive and, uh, you know, they’re over there with our calculators because there’s a gap between the bumper and the car of the Mustang going down the assembly line and the engineers over there with their little calculators and their pieces of paper. My dad takes a rubber mallet. He says, here, little diagram hit here, bam, bam, all the way down the line. I mean, he just would fix things in a very practical, pragmatic way. So I digress. But, um, so another situation was my boyfriend. He, um, he was with the love of his life that they met in the Navy, 27 years of marriage kids. Um, she ended up with, uh, this was before Covid, but she ended up with the flu and aspirated and died. Um, you know, when she went up to take a shower. So, of course the love of his life, he had a heart attack. Um, he ended up with a pacemaker and I really feel like a piece of his heart died with her. And so they, the doctors told him 40% of your heart died. Um, so they put in a pacemaker and 10 years later, you know, he’s with me for about five years at this time, cuz now we’ve been together about 12 years. And, um, he had to get the battery replaced in his pacemaker. So they had to do ejection fraction cardiac output numbers on his heart and had a lot of medical doctors coming into the center at the time. So I asked, uh, this one doctor, I said, you know, this is what’s going on. He said, give me his numbers and I’ll tell you how much of his heart is still dead. Okay? So I give him the numbers and he is looking at ’em and he is looking at me and he is looking at the number and he is looking at me and he is like, these are his numbers. I said, well, yeah, this is what you asked me for. Objection, uh, fraction cardiac output. He goes, his heart is fully functioning. This is a normal functioning heart. And I said, wait. Now, this is a guy, my boyfriend, 22 years in the Navy, you know, kind of this, you know, ma manly, masculine dude. He’s like, oh, nothing happens in there. But I’m watching his blood pressure come down. I’m watching his cholesterol come down. I’m watching his glucose numbers come down. Yes, he’s changing his diet because he’s feeding me healthy. So he’s eating healthier. But can a heart regenerate? Why not? Can organs regenerate? We know they can. Or he just loves me so much that his heart grew like the Grinch.

JON: You’re waiting for that. You’re just waiting for that, you know it. And I think it’s a, a, I think it’s in, in a way. Yeah. Yeah. You know, and, and then also I’m, I’m guessing you put ’em in the egg as well as, as part of it, or is it being around you as, as well,


JON: so he was in the egg a lot.

GAIL: He’s in the egg a lot. He actually, his, his sessions are every Sunday I make him dinner, he makes me dinner all week and then I cook one day a week. Um, I’m very lucky, very blessed, uh, cuz I put all my energy into helping people, you know, helping the center owners that have my technology. And so one day a week I’m actually making him some homemade ramen. Today I was at the Asian store yesterday and making him homemade ramen today. And then he does his sessions on Sundays. So every Sunday he goes in there and he, you know, he’s had a knee replacement, he’s got a pacemaker. He’s 70 years old, I’m 52. He’s, you know, he’s just, um, we met a long time ago, probably thousands of years ago. There’s something, you know, that we have going on. But there, I was listening to the song this morning, saved the last dance and I feel like he saved the last dance for me. And I’m gonna try not to cry

JON: Aw, that’s cute.

GAIL: because when I met him in 2007, Uh, we broke up after about 8, 8, 10 weeks. Um, we broke up, but I met him in 2007 and my intuitive thing was, I’ll be there when this guy dies. And it was a weird, such a weird, weird feeling. I’m like, I don’t even know this guy, but I’m gonna be there when he dies. And uh, so then we broke up. So that was very confusing for me cuz I thought, you know, okay, well where did that, that was such a strong feeling. What, what was that? About seven years later, he was like, I, uh, he had just lost his wife probably, maybe a year and a half, two years. So he was on this mission of like trying to sleep with all the girls on the north side of his town, right? So, and he said, you’re a good girl. I didn’t wanna hurt you. He goes, I fell in love with you as soon as I met you, but it just was bad timing. So seven years later we got back together and he said we were on break. We had a seven year break.

JON: that’s a long break.

GAIL: Yeah, it’s a long break. So, so that’s another story. Um, another kid that came in. So I like threes, so I’ll tell you threes and then we, we can move on. Um, another kid came into the center, 17 year old kid, had a x-ray. He broke his foot playing soccer. He was the best one on the team, and he wanted to play in the tournament in two weeks. And I said, dude, you got a broken foot and you play soccer. Probably not gonna happen. No, no, no. He said, my brother came to you when he had Lyme disease and he was in a, in bed and now his brother plays professional golf and went to, um, Michigan, um, university of Michigan. And he said, you help my brother. You can help me. Oh my gosh. Well that’s, that’s kind of heavy to put on me, right? So I said, okay. I said, well, this is what I know I can do, did do, has helped people with broken bones since the, um, Aborigines days, about 40,000 years ago. This is documented stuff. So we have drumming, we have Ger redo helping with physical ailments, you know, helping with broken bones. So I said, this is the best I can do. We’ll do, um, a couple drumming sessions and we’ll see what we can do. So he came in with a walking boot. The first day, I’m trying to remember the story, this was years ago. Came in with the walking boot and um, then the next session he had a tennis shoe on. I said, come on. He goes, I’m serious, it doesn’t hurt. And I said, are you just trying to like fake it till you make it? And he said, no, no, no. So did another drumming session with him and I heard him praying. I heard him praying to God in there. Um, and prayer is very powerful. We need more non-physical studies because it’s, it’s, you know, it’s the non-local realm. Prayer works. So he was in there praying. He played in the tournament and it was, there was a lot of crazy stories around this whole thing that happened. But, um, he played in the tournament and who knows? The doctors said, well, maybe we misdiagnosed him. Maybe that was a hair on the x-ray. It really wasn’t a, you know, a fracture or a crack or broken. Okay. Woulda could have, you know, I don’t know. How do you explain that? You ex I can’t explain the

JON: in what a like a boot, right?

GAIL: Yeah. It was a diagnosis from the doctor that it was broken.

JON: And also too, there’s a lot of people with, like myself, I’m being self-conscious. I, I went to the chiropractor because I was worried about my neck with, uh, with, with being on the phone and driving a lot and, and just other people having, um, just accidents at work. And now it’s got my mind thinking about bones and subluxations and things that are off. And I’m like, if this can help with someone’s like broken bone or fractured bone and, and then like, there’s so much that frequency and sound and like can help because we are made out of that. I’m wondering how, how that would work with me, you know? And I would like to be my own little experiment to follow up with anybody that wants to know because that’s, these are some pretty powerful stories with technology that people have never heard of. And, uh, I’m excited to share that. I mean,

GAIL: Well, and tell yeah, ancient technologies, ancient practices where people were using musical instruments for healing. You see in the museums, you see flutes, you see drums, you see, you know, all this stuff. Um, the, the, is it the liar layer? You know, you see all these string instruments and, and the only explanation I have is greed. Greed and money. Because how do you charge somebody to listen to the guitar? How do you charge somebody to listen to the drum? How do you charge somebody to sit, you know, um, in nature? You, you know, so we have been, that has been suppressed from being something healthy because my people can’t make money off of it. It’s very sad.

JON: Yeah. And, and you also hear people that are dancing and singing and it makes it rain, right? Like rain, literal rain dances and you can change the whole atmosphere and like we can do some amazing stuff. But to your point, I completely agree and I see it all the time where we could have done as I learn and go down my rabbit holes and try to understand, and I learned and I learned about, um, the power of frequency and how this scientist found this. Um, you know, you have Tesla’s story and then all of a sudden, um, he was talking about cell phones back in the 17 hundreds, I think that was, or the early or mid whatever, like Tesla time, like. Like he, he’s like, yeah, pretty soon. Uh, we’ll, we’ll be, uh, communicating with people, uh, on devices in our hands across the globe. And I’m like, and it took us a long, in my opinion, it took us a long time to get there because they had to figure out how to own the situation instead of letting people just go with it and use it. And, and now we’re dealing with technology that allows us to do that, but unfortunately it hurts us. And so I like hearing about these stories of new ways and better ways of doing things that are simple, like you said, using the materials that are healthy for us that are naturally there, less fabricated materials that helpless. And I, I can’t wait to hear about other technologies from, you know, going with that same method. Right? Um, I love that stuff and. I’m actually curious, I know that, uh, I’m surprised I didn’t ask earlier, but getting into this, like what got you into, and you can sum it up if you want, um, you don’t have to take too long getting into it, cuz I know we’ve been talking for a little bit, but I’m curious what got you into this? Like, what started at all.

GAIL: I think it’s the same healer story, and I don’t consider myself a healer, but this is just how people, you know, the, how they, uh, describe it. The same healer story. I was sick. I had migraine headaches for 23 years. My hair was falling out. I had cystic acne, I had liver problems, thyroid problems, reproductive problems, um, insomnia for 20 years. So, um, and I also saw my mom overweight, um, diabetic. Um, I saw my dad smoker, drinker sick all the time. So it was my passion to say, okay, what is out there? And, and the funny universe, the, what the universe did is when I was 17 years old, I worked for a doctor’s office, right? So who would’ve thought

JON: When you were

GAIL: 17 years old, I worked in a doctor’s office. I was the front desk girl, and they prescribed diet pills like they were candy. And my boyfriend’s grandmother went there. And when I found out it was speed and I, I went to one of the doctors and I said, look at her chart. She’s been coming here for 20 years. And she’s not lost any weight. She’s gained 20 pounds. I’m 17 years old, right? And I’m questioning the doctor, this is how crazy I am. This, I call myself a rebel. And he said, Gail, she says, it makes me feel so good and I can get all my housework done. And she, they’re putting people on speed. So then I was watching them over-prescribe pain medicine where they said it was, you have to get a prescription every 30 days. And people would come in and I would turn them down. I said, you can’t get your prescription because it’s only been 15 days. I got fired. I got fired. But this whole thing, I think, I think God’s source, universe, whatever word you used, was conspiring to put me in all these different places to learn. But I didn’t put the puzzle pieces together until later. But I had asked this one doctor about the migraines. He’s like, oh, there’s really nothing you can do with migraines. Nobody knows why you get ’em. And I’m like, you know what? That’s a BS answer and I’m gonna find the answer. So now what I do know, Migraines. And I’ve written articles about this. I’ve talked about this because 23 years of a debilitating, um, illness, if you will, it weren’t, they weren’t bad headaches. You’re talking, throw it up, diarrhea at the same time you’re talking, someone takes a, a spike puts it in your head and moves it around for 15 hours. If you have a official migraine, you cannot talk, you cannot be out, you cannot be in the light, you cannot eat, you cannot function. You can’t even pronounce words. So sometimes my mom would call me, oh, I’m having a migraine. I’m like, and she’s like, I just had some lunch. I’m like, you wouldn’t be able to eat. You are not having a migraine. You have a headache. But then the doctor put her on migraine pills, which I think ultimately caused her brain aneurism and she died. So, uh, you know, migraines are a lot of dysautonomia, which is imbalance on the autonomic nervous system. So is POT’S disease, so is Lyme disease. So is a lot of other diseases. It’s an imbalance on the autonomic nervous system. Bring that nervous system back into balance. Your body can heal naturally just as God intended it. So migraines can be that, it can be from food, it can be from heavy metals, uh, like a Lyme disease. Epstein bar disease can create migraines. It can be from parasites, it can be from a liver issue. So you really have to get down to, it could be a non rashing shingles virus. I mean, you really have to get down to the, to the Nats ass about it and figure out what is it that’s going on. Same with tinnitus or tinnitus. You got inflammation, which usually if you have just inflammation with the session, a few sessions in the harmonic egg, you get the ringing to stop. But it can also be liver issues, kidney issues. It can be, um, heavy metals. It can be a viral load. So clients have to be a little patient because when you’ve had something for so long and it’s built up and it’s created inflammation and liver issues and kidney issues, and you have heavy metals from. Uh, wherever you worked or amalgam fillings or, uh, acromium cobalt hip, you might have some cobalt poisoning and that’s gonna cause Parkinson’s symptoms. So I love to be a private investigator and a researcher. That’s what I do, that’s what I do best. And that’s where, that’s how I have learned all these answers. And when someone says, okay, it’s a, it’s, it’s a blood disease. So I took a four hour how to read blood work, you know, um, course because I wanted to figure this out. And then I’m the one on the, on the internet going, okay, when someone has a low white blood cell count and a high a l t and a high a s t, what is what’s going on? And I will do the utmost research to help somebody who says they’re desperate. So to help somebody who says, no one can fix this, that to me is a huge challenge. And so what we’ve done is create music to help with the basic root causes of disease.

JON: Wow. And like you said, a lot of times when you are a healer, that’s because you had to go through the journey of healing yourself. And I’m guessing you don’t have migraines anymore. Do you even have like slight headaches or is it kind of like nothing?

GAIL: I get headaches because of refined sugar. I have not had a migraine. And thank God, I mean that those are, they were horrible. Anybody who has migraines, I, my heart goes out to you because they are awful. You don’t know when they’re coming on. I’d be in the grocery store. Grocery cart just gets flung cuz I gotta get home. Cuz I know in 45 minutes I am done. I cannot function for 15 hours. I’d be at work and I’d just leave a meeting. I would just be at a lunch. I’d have to leave a dinner, have to just leave. No explanation. I gotta go, I gotta get home, I gotta get in a dark room so my heart goes out to them. But, um, what was I saying?

JON: Well, I was actually gonna get into how long did it take for you to get over your migraines?

GAIL: so the refined

JON: And I’m guessing you

GAIL: back to that. Yeah. So now I know if I have too many refined sugars and too many is I think 20 grams of refined sugar a day for women and maybe 26 for a guy. I can’t remember the numbers. Um, but if you look at what is, what’s, what has sugar in it, we’re talking barbecue sauce, pasta sauce, you know, marinara, you’re talking, everything has refined sugar in it. So I have to be really careful. I will get a right side headache if I have too much sugar. So, um, as far as the migraines go, it took about 20 sessions. And what I was noticing, I had hope because after a few sessions I got more migraines, but they were less intense and lasted less time. So I would have a. Originally a 15 hour migraine, then they went to 10 hours, then they went to eight hours, then they went to, I would get, I would lose the vision, but not get the pain. So I’d have an optical migraine with no pain, and then they were gone. So probably about 20 sessions.

JON: Wow. And your body went through different cycles and then it just finished. Wow. Do you feel like, um, it empowered you to be more mindful of your lifestyle, where it’s like, you’re like a reset button, so to speak, and so you’re more like harmonic energetically instead of needing to take that pill, you know, like someone takes the pill and then it, now they, now they’re dependent on the pill. Do you feel like the sessions empower the person to be more balanced,

GAIL: Yeah, if you balance your nervous system, you’re not gonna be so all the time, which I was, I was bouncing off the walls all the time because I was stuck in fight or flight. I think since, you know, I say since the age of one and a half years old, um, I remember the first time I realized I had a parasympathetic nervous system cuz I was flying down the road, speeding. I passed a cop and I felt this warm sensation that started in my belly, right around the sacral chakra, and it went all the way up into my neck and I could feel this warm sensation. I looked in the rear view mirror and looked in the side mirrors. The cops didn’t, they didn’t, it wasn’t, he wasn’t coming after me or she, and then I could feel that sensation go down and I thought, O M G. I just went into fight or flight, but I was always there, so I would never notice it until that time and then it went back down. That’s how the nervous system’s supposed to function. The bear is either gonna kill you in five minutes or you’re gonna get away and survive and then you get out of the fight or flight. But people are running from the Bay 24 7 right now, and they’re sick. People are really sick.

JON: Wow. You know, I’m, I’m thinking about now, let’s, let’s say theoretically, let’s say obviously the harmonic egg is really good with helping with your autonomic nervous system. Um, do you have any tips, maybe a handful of tips for someone to who, who finds themself in that, um, fight or flight mode, which mostly I, I argue a hundred percent of people are in that. Be between the, uh, the constant, um, just barrage of, I call it fear porn when, when you’re on social media and it’s just one thing after the next and it’s addicting, right? Because you’re like, oh my God, this is ho so horrible. What else? Um, what, what advice do you have for those people, whether it be like music, um, uh, a routine that they could do? Um, what, what, uh, I’m just very curious to see what kind of advice you have for those people, which is everybody, but you know, how, how to get out of that fire or flight mode.

GAIL: Um, make sure you’re hydrated as one. Um, two is deep breathing. So I don’t know if you, I don’t know how to describe this, but sometimes when you take a deep breath and then you can get that sigh, that is just the biggest sigh of relief ever. That’s balancing your nervous system. If you were actual to make an audible noise and you did that, you would have every tone in your voice from that heavy sigh. Now some people just deep breathe and they’re just, it’s an exercise of deep breathing, but we’re talking about that breath where you, and it’s, you know, when you get to that place where you actually gave, got that really good sigh. So deep breathing is one of the best things you can do to, uh, reboot and reset the autonomic nervous system. Or we call at the a n s grounding, getting your ass out in nature, hugging trees. I hug my horse, right? And she knows when I’m stressed out, she’s like, stay the hell away from me girl, because you are like a really hot mess of energy. I have to clear myself or else she’s just like, stay away. She’ll hug me a lot of the times, but I’ve gotta clear my energy cuz she doesn’t want that hot mess of energy, nor do I. So, um, and my, my go-to is sixties and seventies music. There wasn’t a time in history that I believe that music was full, so full of love and, um, inspiration and just joy and um, and meaning. So for me it’s like just my serious app, my serious radio app. Boom. 60 seventies music I can drop right down into balance. So, um, stay away from, uh, sugar, caffeine. You’re just gonna get yourself in refined sugar, not fruit sugar. Fruit sugar is perfect. Um, stay away from that. Stay away from reds, oranges, lights, cuz they’re very stimulating or colors. So don’t put like, uh, that color in your kitchen cuz it’s gonna make you want to eat more. Um, so I go with blues, purples, and greens. Green is nature. It’s neutral color, that’s why grass is green and trees are green and leaves are green. It’s a neutral color, very healing, very balancing. Blues are very cool. Cooling, calming help with pain, reduce inflammation, purples, very calming, cooling. My bedroom is purple, my office is blue. You guys can see in the background. And, uh, and purple’s very detoxing as well. So, um, in, you know, when we work with autism, it’s only the purples, blues, greens, because they definitely don’t like the stimulating colors either. So lots of, lots of stuff you can do

JON: Oh wow. Thanks for those tips. Uh, I gotta look for an, uh, a nice, uh, hit list or, um, like seventies and eighties hit list Now. Um, I don’t know about for working out cuz you, you need some, uh, some more aggressive stuff, but, uh, definitely for relaxing.

GAIL: that don’t work out anymore. So

JON: Yeah. Yeah. The, because your tone. You’re good. That’s funny. That’s so cool.

GAIL: It’s crazy. It blew my mind for a long time. It took me a long time to get that stuck in my head that you can actually balance your nervous system. I mean, we didn’t have 24 Hour Fitness on every corner in the forties and fifties. How did those people stay? And we’re more obese now, so we’re more stressed out now. There’s the, there’s the clue.

JON: yeah. You see these old movies and you are like, wait, there’s like, there was the fat person, the fat, fat friend. Not just everybody is a little fluffy, you know? Yeah. Um, okay, cool. Uh, so thank you for breaking that down. I, I know a lot of people are gonna appreciate that, especially nowadays and, um, there’s always some story. Um, I’m not discrediting anything. I’m just saying there’s always reasons Right. To be stressed and there’s also reasons to relax and we are more, um, cap. Of finding solutions and getting ahead in life when we’re relaxed, because that’s where you get the answers. Right. My, my time is in the shower. I’m more relaxed. I put, even though it’s bad, I put it like full blast heat cuz I wanna like quote unquote melt away the stress or just wake me up in the morning and then I turn it into ice cold water to gimme that nice shock and struggle to breathe. But that’s like the, my way of just kinda like, shocking my way into the day. And, um, giving myself a pat of back saying, you went through some crazy stuff this morning. Uh, self-inflicted. But it was, it was, you know, it, you’re, you’re here, you’re present. Let’s, let’s go. Um, thank you for coming on. I appreciate it. You’re shaking your head. That’s not a

GAIL: I can’t do the cold shower thing. I tried, I have tried to turn it to cold and I’m like, no, thanks.

JON: Yeah, you can’t breathe. Yeah. And then, and then they have the coal plunges and like, that’s, that’s another science, that’s another, you know, way of doing stuff, you know,

GAIL: I’ve done it, but I

JON: you know.

GAIL: it threw me into fight or flight. So I was like, no, that is not, I mean, everybody has their own combination that’s gonna work for them. I love the sound and light therapy because I know what it does, but I also love a, a touch massage. You know, I mean, I just love that. So there’s combinations. Some people love acupuncture, some people love chiropractic. Um, some people just love remote energy work. I mean, you find the combination that works for you. And that’s why I say tune into your gut. Tune into your intuition. Sit in silence. If you walk into a place, now, I’m still guilty of this, but if you have an appointment, you walk into a place and you’re like, oh no, the energy in here is horrible. It’s probably gonna hurt me walk out. Cuz so many times I’ve been hurt. I’ve been hurt and left with those people’s fears, with their emotions, with their sadness, with all their baggage. Because I’m an empath and I wish I would’ve, I would’ve left. And it took me two weeks to get back to my own, um, normal self.

JON: I know exactly what you’re talking about. That happened to me. I had to reset and you know, I, I’m pretty sure if I did an egg session, I’d would’ve been able to reset a lot faster. So I, I know that’s gonna be good for people that are impasse, right? Um, sensitive emotionally to other people. That’s huge. And that’s why we need more of this stuff. We need to be more of this stuff. We need to be aware of it. We need more people like you creating it so that someone like myself can just hop in an egg and, uh, you know, go into the beyond. Um, I know that, uh, we’ve been chatting for a while. I definitely want, uh, if, if, if, if anybody has been triggered and they want to, maybe I shouldn’t say triggered. If anybody’s been inspired to learn a little bit more about you and what you’re doing and what you’re creating, how can they find you? And, uh, feel free to share anything that you’re working on right now.

GAIL: Right. Well, you know what triggers our treasures. It’s just an opportunity for you to improve. I love my triggers. I’m like, Ooh, somewhere else I can improve. Um, my website is harmonic egg.com. It’s pretty easy. Um, my book is there and it talks about all the things you can do at home if you don’t have access to a harmonic egg or you don’t wanna go out in public or you don’t wanna spend the money by the book. It’ll tell you how the autonomic nervous system works, how sound and light works, give you some things you can do at home. You can go get colored light bulbs, you can have colored glasses, you can do a lot of things at home with color and sound. And then we have a whole suite of music products that are all consciously created music. I actually heard from a Natropathic doctor yesterday. She said, listen, I listened to a lot of frequency music and she said, yours is the best. And I was like, really? Because we put so much love into it and it, you can feel it, you can feel the love and the music and the frequency pieces, and they all have instructions on how to use the piece of music. The colors that are intent tended for it, the tones that it’s created in, the instruments that are used. It’s, it’s really fun. Um, yeah. And then we also have a whole unit called the lift. And then we have the commercial unit, which is the larger egg, which is literally takes up about a 14 by 14 size room. But the lift is only 48 inches in diameter and 78 inches tall. But I still use the Tesla mathematics of three, six, and nine for all the dimensions and use sacred geometry in all of my technology. it’s pretty fun. But I’m a total nerd.

JON: it. Yes. More nerds. More nerds. That’s so cool. Right. Well, I hope you don’t, um, Circle your room three times before you, uh, exit like Tesla did with his hotel. That was nuts. And if you do then, you know, I, I’m not judging, I’m not judging

GAIL: but like, um, uh, Sheldon on Big Bang where he has a knock three times. Penny knock, knock, knock, Penny Penny.

JON: Yeah. Hey, you know, he had some, he had some trade off, you know, and, and he’s entertaining and the guy doesn’t age apparently, so he’s doing something right. Um, thank you for coming on. I really appreciate you taking the time to share. I, I had fun too.

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