I get asked this question daily these days.  Many people are getting on board with frequency and energy medicine.  Yes, I do believe it’s the medicine of the future. 

People are tired of being sick and not living their full potential.  Western medicine failed me and has failed many others.  There is a time and place for everything and if I break a bone, I am going to the hospital and will take full advantage of Western medicine.

When my body is talking to me and I have pains, or organ issues or other maladies, I tend to search for the root cause and fix it from the source.  And yes, I communicate with source / creator / God to do this.  I ask, what is this stemming from?  What is my body trying to tell me?  Often it’s a childhood trauma or relationship issue that has caused my body to talk to me in a way that I should know how to listen; however, we are not taught to listen to our bodies.  We are trained to seek out a doctor to tell us what is “wrong” with us and to take a pill or a shot to fix us…as if we are broken!  

So many people are hip to this.  They are searching for the root cause of the messages being communicated by their bodies.  What comes to mind is a pet you have at home, the pet communicates the best it can, you listen the best you can, but still the pet is annoyed that you are not giving it what it needs / wants.  Our bodies are the same, if we put as much effort into listening to our bodies as we do our pets that would be so amazing.  I am sure our bodies get frustrated that we aren’t listening to them.  

My goal is not to criticize anyone, or claim to know how every system or technology works.  My goal is to educate you to be discerning when you are researching what to use for your health and your body.  

I can tell you that I have collaborated with hundreds of doctors, healers, researchers, influencers, and I have worked with tens of thousands of clients.  There is NO one size fits all and what works for one person may not work for another.  Everyone of us is unique and everyone one of us has “rules” that are different than anyone else.  I think my boyfriend could eat a mold sandwich and be fine.  I, on the other hand, would be very sick if I ate a mold sandwich (which I would never consider doing).  

I started researching wellness and nutrition back in the 1990s.  It was a hobby and I helped myself, family and friends with the information.  You won’t find me communicating claims or painting myself as an expert in the field of medicine or health.  I know better.  I know that each and every person is a “book” and no one has all the answers.

I created the Harmonic Egg from all the research I have gathered for more than 30 years, countless hours of meetings, computer research, reading, communications from clients, and just listening and observing.  The most influential consciousnesses I tapped into were Edgar Cayce, Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife.  The Harmonic Egg is simple, but God / Creator is about simplicity.  There are no computer programs running, no fancy / flashy screens, no sci-fi plastic or metal chambers, no hidden electronics in mats or beds, and no influence of a human energy.  You are in a large, wooden egg with yourself and your creator / God.  Being enclosed was important and combining the spiritual forces of music and colored light gave the scalar waves inside the Harmonic Egg a very powerful cubic air space to influence the innate healing of the person inside.  If you are in a room or an open space the scalar waves dissipate and are less powerful.   

Edgar Cayce’s quote from his essay Auras stated, “If colors are vibrations of spiritual forces, they should be able to help in healing our deepest maladies.  Together with music, which is a kindred spiritual force, they form a great hope for therapy of the future.”  This was published in 1945.  Edgar passed on January 3rd, 1945.  It was important to for me to bring these two spiritual forces together, versus just sound or just light.    

The music could not be just any favorite song, the music was tested and specifically chosen because the musicians are high-vibe, heart-centered and they created the music in a place of LOVE.  Love heals all.  The music is not compressed MP3 files, they are .wav files so the integrity of the music is not lost to the compression.  The music is NOT synthesized sounds.  The musicians are actually playing instruments.  Ninety percent of the music we use and the nature sounds we use are NOT synthesized.  It’s important because healing happens in the silence or the pause when a bird takes a breath and starts singing again, or a flutist takes a breath and starts playing again.  Then you sit in silence for the last ten minutes of the Harmonic Egg session, total time inside is 50 minutes.  Studies show that silence can actually stimulate new cell growth in the brain, improve memory, and release tension in the brain and body.  In the silence is where the magic happens.  

“Listen to silence, it has so much to say.” ~Rumi

The intention that went into the Harmonic Egg is like the Taj Mahal.  Each component of the Egg has a story, or many stories as to why it is the way it is.  The sacred geometry is used in the perfect ways for the intended use of the Harmonic Egg.  There is not one inch of the Harmonic Egg that wasn’t carefully thought out to create a perfect place for YOU.  Even the intention you set for your session was intentionally put into the protocol.  

The Harmonic Egg was designed to be for a unique experience, alone.  I have been educated and experienced that group healing is great for some, but I end up picking up other energies that are being released in the room.  It’s not ideal for me to be in those situations.  Some of you can certainly relate to this.  Every person that goes in the Harmonic Egg is helping to heal those they come into contact with after sessions.  The Harmonic Eggs are a grid type system and I believe are helping to heal the land they sit on as well as the planet as a whole.  The more humans that work on themselves and expand their consciousness, the more the planet can heal.  Systems and technologies that help just one at a time are just as important as ones that work on group healing.  You get to choose what works best for you, what resonates with you and what is going to be for your highest and best.

What makes me crazy is to hear and see so many “experts” out there telling you what is best for your body.  There is no place for EGO or condescending words about others.  We are all ONE and I am very grateful for all the work people are doing on themselves and to help others have a better quality of life.  We need to heal ourselves and the planet.  Shift needs to happen or we are doomed.  I am optimistic we can come together with cooperation. 

Many inventors are afraid to cooperate / collaborate for FEAR that something will be taken from them.  When in fact, when we collaborate we all WIN.  I love to collaborate and I ALWAYS learn something.  

I used to believe we needed to drink a gallon of water a day.  One day I was educated that we deplete minerals by urinating so much. If you do drink a gallon of water a day, please replenish your minerals with a good electrolyte supplement.  What you think is good because of the marketing, may not be all that they claim.  What is great for your body, might not be so great for another. 

I used to believe that in order to heal one needed to be in Delta or Theta brainwaves.  I was educated that Alpha is ideal for healing because healing is an active process and the human mind needs to participate and retain some memory of the process for healing.  The Harmonic Egg works in Alpha initially and many do go to Delta and Theta, but we really don’t want you to completely disconnect from the Egg Field’s work as a participatory type of system.  Many report being in the Egg and saying they didn’t sleep, but the session felt like 15 minutes and not the 50 that it is.  

I used to believe that more is better.  If one supplement is good then 20 must be better!  If one hour of being in a system / technology is good, then 2 or 4 must be better. I was educated that the body can get overwhelmed and needs time to integrate.  Would you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one setting?  No, you let it digest and eat again when the body has processed the nutrients / energy of the food you ate previously.  Energy work is the same idea.  You need to allow integrating or you are just overwhelming the body and it does not know how to process so much at once.  I have heard many stories of it being harmful.  You might feel great at first, but when the body isn’t able to process so much at one time, it can “store it” much like too much food at once will store in the fat cells and can’t digest it as fast you eat it.

Many have asked if they can stay the night / sleep in the Harmonic Egg.  The answer is a flat out no.  It’s too much on the body.  Sleep is very important and if you read the book, Lights Out! by T.S. Wiley, you will learn that it’s best to sleep in total darkness for the body to rejuvenate during the sleep time.  Even the smallest amount of light, not visible by the eye, can compromise the sleep benefits.  A test was preformed with an LED light behind the knee of a participant and just that light source prevented the body from replenishing important hormones, like melatonin.  So you don’t want to sleep with lights flashing or even a TV on in your bedroom / the room you use to sleep.  

I can tell you countless stories I have experienced or heard from clients where they were harmed by energy healing.  I went to an acupuncturist who knew I was sensitive to energy and he was so excited to be “treating” me that he got his EGO tangled up in my session.  The result was I had insomnia for two weeks.  That’s my tell. When I receive energy work and I have insomnia for two weeks, I know the session was harmful to me and it takes two weeks for me to get back to my high-vibe amazing self.  I have experienced massages where I come out in fear of money only to realize the massage therapist spent the whole hour telling me about her financial problems. I have had chiropractic adjustments where I left crying and the chiropractor was going through a divorce.  We are all ONE and we share energies with each other.  It’s for us to know how to discern who we allow to be in our energy field, who to pay to work on us, and even a technology can hold the energy of the inventor and give off a vibe that may or may not be helpful to our healing process.

I hope this makes sense.  Again, my goal is to educate people to be more discerning, to listen to their bodies, to tune into their intuition and when something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not.  Don’t be ashamed or feel guilty to cancel an appointment and live in your truth.  I wish I would have canceled several appointments in the past, but I was always putting other people over myself.  I am still far from perfect, but am better at living in my truth now and honoring myself.  

Love and Light to all that read this.  The intention it was written is with LOVE and to help the humans and the planet. 

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