Be Gentle with YourselfIntegrating is an essential key in receiving energy work, and as the body releases old unhealthy energetic patterns it is also integrating new ones. We could all use a little guidance on how to move through it more gracefully and how to maximize the healing that took place. Many times we are told “drink lots of water and remember to be gentle with yourself.” Drinking 60-80 ounces of water daily is an important place to start, but what does being gentle with yourself really mean? How does one carry this into their everyday life? This can look many ways, so here are some suggestions.. 

    1. Commit to a daily practice. Start off with a one week commitment and create time for this. It tends to be easier to start or end your day with this practice, and waking up ten minutes early or replacing screen time with an intentional activity can be a wonderful way to integrate this into your weekly schedule. Some ideas for a practice could include journaling, stretching, breathwork, recording your dreams, exercise, reading, or going on a walk. I encourage you to note any changes in your thoughts, feelings, physical wellbeing, emotional state, relationships, and perspective after commiting to a practice for one week. Record this in a journal. Tell someone you trust that you’d like support in your practice, this can help with accountability.
    2. Sitting with your thoughts and emotions. You will likely be processing a variety of emotions as toxins come up and old feelings resurface. This is a great opportunity for you to be present with them. Witness every emotion or thought that comes up for you throughout the day and simply be with it. You don’t need to pick it apart, analyze it, or try and change it. Allow yourself to to witness it and feel into if it is of service to your highest truth. There’s no need to attach yourself to the thought/feeling, just give it love and release it. If it is of service to your highest truth, sit with it and feel how good it is to honor that. 
    3. Affirmations. You can look up many types of affirmations or create your own. Read this aloud to yourself when you wake up, any time you feel stress or worry arise, and before going to bed. Say it with confidence, and affirm this to yourself as your truth. Here is one that I’ve found to be powerful. “Every day is a new point of vibrational attraction and I allow myself to be in the receptive mode of everything that I’ve intended and asked for. I am in full alignment with all that I have become. This is a good day and a new beginning. I am in touch with my emotions.”
    4. Set boundaries. Check in with yourself before making decisions. Is this something you truly want to do or do you feel an obligation in order to make someone else happy? Ask yourself what your thoughts, feelings, and needs are, and how you can meet these needs. Prioritize getting a full night’s rest; this is associated with improved emotional, psychological, and physical health. Radical honesty in your relationships is a good place to start when communicating a boundary. Be sure of where you stand, be direct, and practice self awareness. It’s important to ask if the person is able to hold space to have a conversation about setting healthy boundaries before doing so. 

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It’s important to be aware that energy work isn’t always an instant fix and that your individual healing process can look totally different from another persons. It’s helpful to set an intention to support your healing process, without feeling the need to “fix” anything. The beautiful thing about integration is that you are in charge. You and only you know what’s most nourishing for you on your journey. Make time for what’s important and prioritize your healing. You deserve this.

In service to you,

Gracie, Life Center (Jan, 2020)

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