“In my view, there is no set frequency for each and every person, these are only general industry “guesses.” I believe the higher the person vibrates, the more “off” these general industry guesses will be for them.” ~Gail Lynn, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing
The world is looking at frequencies now…we are vibrational beings of light.  Why not heal with sound and light?  I was reading an article about how drugs are made and they said they actually look at the frequencies of the illness and try to neutralize it with a drug of a frequency known to neutralize it.  Really?!  Why not just use frequencies?!  Oh, right, that isn’t what made them BILLIONS of dollars…it had to be a product.  Part of the reason some drugs work for some and not for others is that we don’t all resonate with the general frequencies.  We are all unique and there is no one size fits all.  Make sense?
What we need to be using and studying is how to use frequencies for healing.  There are no side effects like the prescription drugs.  It’s safer, but there is no money in it for BIG PHARMA at this time.
We want to save people, let’s save the half million people that die each year from medical errors, many of which are wrong drug interactions.



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