No matter what time of day it is or which vehicle I may be driving, when I show up to the barn each day I am greeted with a nicker from my horse, Holly. We might not even be able to see each other, and yet she somehow senses I am there for our visit. It’s the highlight of my day.

Holly’s greeting to me is always a friendly nicker. it might be a low rumble, or it might be on a higher pitch. Sometimes the tone is, “Hey, how’s it going?” Sometimes the tone is, “Oh my Gosh! I have so much to tell you and it’s been crazy all up in here!” That particular nicker is a low rumble that lasts a long time, and she does several back-to-back as they increase in intensity. I exclaim, “My gosh, did all that really happen since I last saw you?!” She nickers another low rumbling sound and I know we are all caught up.

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