Egg Experience

I spent a few weeks meditating before starting on this painting. What do I say about this healing modality that has helped me and others in ways that is incomprehensible. The process of going within and waiting for images to appear in the order in which I should paint them was a beautiful process all its own. I was also surprised how loosely the paint laid on and that I kept getting the message that that was part of the message to be relayed. That our own creativity and how we each individually show up in the world is the creation of living life. As I painted this I had the knowing feeling that I was just the vessel and much more love and healing is infused in the painting from workers outside of myself.

The image at the bottom is our subconsciousness, dark blue water with the image of the egg rising up through it. The egg itself is made up of the Flower of Life sacred geometry, unity of ALL. There are the two triangles that represent both the Devine female and Devine male aspects of each of us. Those two cross each other in the center of the egg, the nucleus.

We are the egg, the sun shapes are images of letting light in. The small uneven shapes that are subtly around the white part of the egg, is our energy coming off the egg going out sharing our aura and energy with those around us. The aura colors are lighter in intensity than what we are used to seeing. I had the explicit thought that we are becoming lighter beings and our auras are less intense. Many of us are allowing more light into our immediate auras becoming healed beings.

The top of the painting is the expanse of the night sky, representing the ethers. The Harmonic Egg can assist you to go to places that seem so far away, either in our physical body or outside of it. There were originally 2 more stars and as I painted, two of them were painted over, I tried to paint them back in but was stopped by intuition, and then I counted, 13 stars! There are many wonderful meanings for the number 13.

The circle at the top of the egg is our crown chakra, bright and glowing. The concentric circles going down the sides are representing the 3 dimensionality of the Flower of Life. Think of the Flower of Life as 3d light bubbles, the design intersecting within itself, ALL inclusive.

The sound and light are working on our DNA at a molecular level. The round red shapes that cross over the painting represents our cells and our physical healing as we allow the Harmonic Egg to heal us. They are denser and closer together towards the bottom and have more room and freedom after we pass through the egg going up as a rising diagonal.”  ~Jody Rigsby

Let it FLOW!
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