First, I have to preface this by saying that we CAN NOT make claims. I can not say that this will be your experience, or the experience of your beloved pet. All I can attest to is that this was MY experience, and the experience of my sweet horse, Holly.

Last year, Holly was kicked in the chest by another horse. The wound took six months to heal due to fly season and I could not keep the wound covered. Holly still has the trauma or the muscle memory of this terrible experience. This year, the heat saw Holly develop a two inch by one inch cyst in the exact spot of her previous wound. After a few days of being concerned about it, I thought I would get Holly a remote session at Life Center to see if we could clear it without getting the vet involved. The proof is in the photos! On the second day, the cyst was gone, and she just had some skin hanging where it was present for a few days. On the third day, the skin was hardly sagging at all.

One $75 remote session saved me hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands) in vet fees, all without giving Holly further trauma. Can it help you or your pet? It’s worth a try!  I am excited to share my success story with you all. Know that pets do resolve issues faster than humans…they only know LOVE!  If humans only knew LOVE, restoring our bodies would be so much easier!

Much love to you all,


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