Breaking free from the confines of corporate America has led me on a transformative journey where I have discovered the hidden potential of healers who are devoted to service, yet often overlook the importance of a business mindset. As a mentor, I aim to shed light on the energy of money and how it intertwines with the energy of time, enabling healers to embrace a new perspective on abundance and financial growth.

The Energy of Money

Money, when stripped of its conventional meaning, is simply a form of energy. This energy flows between individuals and entities as they exchange their time and expertise for monetary value. The energy of money is a powerful force that can be harnessed to achieve a greater sense of balance and harmony in our lives, especially for those in the healing profession.

The Game of Moving the Zeros

Over a decade ago, I presented an intriguing concept called “Moving the Zeros.” The idea revolves around the notion that whether you move one zero, ten zeros, or even twenty zeros, you’re merely shifting energy around. By altering our perspective on money and viewing it as a playful exchange of energy, we can attract abundance in new and powerful ways.

The Importance of Balance

Healers, with their compassionate hearts, often feel compelled to offer their services for free. While this generosity is admirable, it can create an imbalance in the energetic exchange between the healer and their clients. By acknowledging the value of their time and expertise, healers can create a more balanced relationship with their clients through the exchange of time for money.

A Beautiful Balance: Embracing the Energy of Money

As healers begin to understand and embrace the energy of money, they can create a harmonious flow of abundance in their lives. By recognizing the importance of a balanced energetic exchange with their clients, they can foster a more sustainable and thriving practice.


The dance of money is an energetic exchange that, when approached with an open heart and a new perspective, can bring about a sense of balance, abundance, and prosperity. By embracing the concept of money as energy, healers can shift their mindset and manifest a thriving business that aligns with their passion for service. So let’s celebrate the beautiful balance created by exchanging the energy of time for the energy of money, and embark on this exciting journey towards financial abundance and success.

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