In our fast-paced world, where we are constantly bombarded with external pressures, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that many of us are neglecting an essential element of our well-being: self-love. The apparent deficiency of this crucial trait is a topic I’ve frequently encountered in my conversations with parents, clients, and healthcare professionals. This led me to ponder the question: Is the absence of self-love contributing to the surge in mental health issues, depression, eating disorders, and suicides that we see today?

Reflecting on this, I’ve come to recognize that if we genuinely loved ourselves, we wouldn’t treat our bodies as dumpsters, filling them with harmful substances. We wouldn’t invite thoughts of self-destruction or let depression color our existence. Indeed, the current epidemic of disease and sickness makes me wonder: Could this all be traced back to a fundamental lack of self-love?

I had a recent conversation with a doctor about Harmonic Egg, and learned this concept encapsulates this very idea. According to him, the harmonic egg serves to enhance self-confidence and foster a connection to our intrinsic spiritual energy, essentially nurturing self-love. This awakened state, the doctor suggested, steers us towards healthier decisions, such as consuming nourishing foods or taking beneficial supplements. And if these healthy choices spring from love, could it be that disease — a manifestation of low vibrations like sadness, anger, and self-hatred — might start to fade away?

I recall a particular client from about a decade ago who perfectly embodied this transformative power of self-love. She was a high school cheerleader, who, on her prom day, fell from the top of a pyramid, hurting her back. Her mother had the option to take her either to a massage therapist or to my center, where we use sound and light therapy. She chose the latter.

The result? Not only did the therapy alleviate her physical pain, but it also bolstered her confidence and self-esteem. She left my center glowing with vitality, so much so that the boy she liked asked her to dance at prom that night. This young girl, who had walked into my center as a seemingly inconspicuous individual, walked out transformed, her newfound confidence shining brightly.

This inspiring story prompts me to pose a few questions to all of us: If we truly loved ourselves, would we ever consider ending our own lives? Would we stuff our bodies with unhealthy foods and make harmful lifestyle choices? And, most importantly, could disease find a home in us if we truly embraced love, gratitude, and appreciation?

Perhaps it’s time for us to explore the healing power of self-love more closely. Our health and happiness might depend on it.

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