This episode we are unlocking the ancient healing secrets using energy medicine with The Harmonic Egg.

I interview its inventor and founder Gail Lynn who unpacks how the Harmonic Egg’s unique design delivers sound and light therapy, creating an environment for deep relaxation and internal balance.

Energy therapy using the Harmonic Egg has proven effective for many physical, mental and emotional challenges. Clients report relief from stress, anxiety, PTSD and pain. Beyond healing, clients have also reported greater mental clarity and focus.

I personally can endorse this unbelievable healing modality having experienced the Harmonic Egg first-hand multiple times at “Egg Guardian” Stephanie Morrison’s Next Level Harmonics Dallas location.

Reclining in a zero-gravity chair within the egg-like chamber, I am transported to a relaxed almost hypnotic state, enveloped in highly resonant music and colored light.

An interesting occurrence happens to me every session…

No matter how wide awake I feel prior, within a few minutes the chamber door closes and the energy vibration builds, I literally pass out. I’m told that is on purpose to allow my body to fully receive the Harmonic Egg’s natural healing benefits.

This season on The New 100 Longevity Campaign I feature only the latest, scientifically backed, unique healing modalities available to the public right now to enhance our lifespan and health span.

I’m very proud to bring you this episode and look forward to your feedback as we dive into what perhaps could be the future of our medicine.

Unlocking the ancient secrets to healing with the Harmonic Egg


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