Everything is energy…why would we want to focus on the virus when we really need to be focused on health. We should be focusing on raising our vibration above the virus, or any disease for that matter.

Who is following me on this?   If we are using frequencies to “match” the virus and neutralize it, we are still playing in its energy (possibly even feeding it or drawing in closer).  We want to completely change the radio station off 103.COVID19 and find another radio station with better vibes and better “news”.  Still with me?

Many clients come to the center for Harmonic Egg sessions and talk about their disease and give it an address (their body), versus treating it like a temporary nuisance that needs to be LOVED to death.

Love heals all…we will soon have the LOVE track for people to purchase and listen to at home or in the Harmonic Egg!   And, we are in the process of creating more Harmonic Egg tracks for sessions in the Harmonic Egg that rise above the level of disease and take the body to a level that disease doesn’t like or vibrate.  Sound exciting?  I am excited!

I originally was of the mindset to KILL the virus.  I was so excited to try and find the frequency to neutralize and eradicate it from the body, but something didn’t feel right.  I kept praying / meditating on the solution and then I got the message…RAISE ABOVE THE VIRUS!  Don’t play in the same playground, go to a more beautiful playground where the virus doesn’t play.  Make sense?

We are living in a whole new world and energies are shifting…old paradigms need to shift too.  Think about everything you ever learned you need to unlearn and relearn.  Sounds scary?  It should sound exciting and empowering to be at a point to create a new reality.

We used to think we would go after a disease and KILL it.  In the more loving and divine feminine world we need to LOVE and release it.  So, let’s play above the low vibrational energies, emotions and diseases and get away from the killing and stomping on and hating energies.

Can I get an AMEN?!




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