I have 2 stories to share and will let you draw your own conclusion.

1) I had a client with a friend on a respirator with Covid-19.  He contacted me about doing a distance healing session for him in the Harmonic Egg.  I believe there are some occasions where you don’t need permission to work on someone.  My client called this one “life or death”.  I think that’s one of the occasions.  🙂   I put his photo and name in the Harmonic Egg and ran the Frequency of Love music on him.  A few hours later my client said that his friend was off the respirator and doing really well.  Coincidence?  Maybe?  I don’t know.  The man was young and healthy prior to the diagnosis.  He did make a full recovery.

2) An elderly lady with kidney disease and diabetes contracted Covid-19 when picking up her prescriptions at the pharmacy.  She said the pharmacist alerted her to her exposure when a man was there coughing and picking up his scripts.  I put her in the Harmonic Egg a few days after her symptoms arose and she was with 103+ temps and many other symptoms.  We did a distance healing session on 4/17/20.  The fever broke and she was very pleased. The fever came back the following day so we did another distance healing session for her on 4/18/20.  Here are her words after the 50-minute session on 4/18/20.

“I was coughing deeply and saw blue and magenta colors in my sleep.  My headache is gone.  I’ve had it non-stop since this started.  My fever is down to 101. (from 103.6)  The heaviness in my chest is lessened.  Coughs are productive.  I have felt some anxiety.  This is scary stuff.  But now I feel calm and relaxed.  I’m grateful you were able to do this for me.  I love the egg. I love you too!  Thank you so much!”

Today’s update from her (4/19/20): “I’m pretty weak but temp is 99. Headache still gone. Coughing, but productive.  Definitely an improvement.”

Having read this we could say that it means nothing or we could have hope that sound therapies and frequency medicine is where we should be headed as the future of medicine.  I work with sound and light daily and see so many “miracles”, but to the skeptic mind you might be so certain this is real.
I say, don’t knock it until you try it.
To learn more visit – https://www.harmonicegg.com or http://www.lifecenter.us (in Westminster, CO)


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