How the Harmonic Egg Compares to MedBeds: Cutting-Edge Treatment for Quantum Healing

The MedBed Technology

There has been a lot of talk lately about a possible new technology called the MedBed. If you try to research this technology on-line, you can find a vast array of articles and descriptions for what this new device could possibly be. We have not seen any photographs that appear to be “real”. They all seem like illustrations or photoshopped pictures. Some articles only discuss that a MedBed has diagnostic abilities, performed by artificial intelligence, which makes finding health issues easy and painless. Other articles say that the technical information has been directly gifted to us by galactic emissaries and ensures that any issue with the body can be healed in 2.5 seconds. Between these two extremes, further research will reveal that no one quite knows what the MedBed will look like yet, but claims are being made that it will heal on a quantum level and can even allow the body to regrow limbs, regenerate organs and DNA, and be the proverbial “fountain of youth” that all of us humans crave to discover.

Timeline for MedBed Revelation

When should we expect our scientists to unveil this technological miracle? Estimates vary on that, as well. Some have postulated that humans could see this technology as early as 2022; other sources say that it could be another ten years before we get a glimpse of the new medical science in easily accessible ways. This leaves many of us waiting, with baited breath, for a miracle to happen in our practical and disease-ridden lives. For those of us who may be dealing with autoimmune issues, mental-health issues, cancers, heart issues, Alzheimer’s and dementia…we are watching precious moments of our lives ticking away. We want our healthy bodies back so we can enjoy our lives and our loved ones again. If only we had a clear date, and knew when that chance would be available to us. If only we could guarantee that we will still be on this planet when the miracle machine finally rolls out into our 3-D experience.

You live in your own Quantum Chamber

What many people don’t realize is that quantum healing is already here. We inhabit our own holographic universe within our very own bodies. If it is possible in a MedBed, then it is possible in your own energy field. The trouble is, we have lost touch with how to use our own healing abilities because we have been trained to not believe it is possible. We have been trained to give our power over to others; we look outside ourselves to be healed, when looking within is our only hope. But we swim in a toxic soup of environmental chemicals, parasitic viruses and bacterium, and traumatic experiences that program our nervous systems to betray us because that is the only way they now know how to survive. With all these odds set against us, how do we reclaim our power and become our own quantum healing machine?

The technology in your backyard

About four years ago, Gail Lynn brought to this earth a patented technology that will have to do until the MedBeds finally show up in our consciousness. The Harmonic Egg was designed to help people find their own inherent ability to heal by allowing the body to find balance and harmony within. While sitting comfortably in a resonant chamber, the Harmonic Egg delivers light, sound, color and vibration to every cell of your body, coaxing your very DNA to relax and let go of those detrimental chemicals, entities, and traumas. Your body doesn’t need much to heal; all it needs is for your mind to get out of the way so it can reset, detoxify, and come back into balance. The quantum possibilities are limited only by your beliefs, and as the Egg drops you into a deep theta state, you can reprogram your mind and body to learn something excitingly new.

Can you heal quickly?

What does your intuition tell you? We have been hoodwinked into thinking that we need so many outside influences to heal. We have all we need inside of us. Every person is different. Healing is harder if you don’t believe in your own power. But it is important to remind you that your body knows how to heal a wound, or repair a broken bone. It can fight off a cold and break a fever. And, we know of animals that can regrow limbs and organs: starfish, salamanders, and sea cucumbers all have the ability, and they share DNA with us humans. Scientists have witnessed these creatures regenerating to near perfection, sometimes within a week’s time. If we get our minds out of the way, what could our bodies be able to? It might all start in the Harmonic Egg, a resonant chamber that allows a symphony of frequencies to surround you and support you as your body reconnects with its own quantum talents.

So, MedBed vs Harmonic Egg?

Since we don’t have access to MedBeds yet, there seems to be only one clear choice. Find a Harmonic Egg near you so that it can help you begin your journey back to wholeness. It may not be a total regeneration in 2.5 seconds, but it’s definitely a start.

Crystal Bed and Harmonic Egg Compared


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