Did you know that piling on the alternative healing or even piling on the supplements can be harmful? Well, they can. People think if they do healthy things it can’t be harmful, but too much of a good thing can be harmful. Heck, too much of anything can be harmful.

Each and every alternative healing modality has a protocol and integration period. You should inquire about the protocol to ensure you are using the modality properly. We tend to have busy schedules and no patience for healing; however, that mentality can be harmful. People have a day off so they try to cram in all their healing work in one day. I have heard it called a spa day or “ME” day. They go for their massage, acupuncture and chiropractic all in one day and that’s NOT OK. Those appointments need to be spread out. The body can’t process all those changes in one day. It needs time to digest each and every one of those appointments. This is very important information to know.

We all think, “oh I can handle it”. Right?! I am guilty of that thought too. It’s not about being strong or healthy. It’s about allowing the body to process information before adding more. I have given the analogy of digesting food. You allow breakfast to digest before you eat lunch. Energy work is the same concept. Allow one to digest before doing another. Here is another analogy. Cramming for tests…scientific studies show that cramming for tests does not help you retain information. Studying the material over time and REALLY learning it helps you retain the information. Energy work is about training the body and providing it information for healing. Doing too much in a short time is like cramming for the test, your body won’t retain the information as effectively as if you did the energy work over time and allowed the body to REALLY learn what you are trying to teach it. Make sense?


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